Thursday, December 29

Black Friday: the Aftermath (Pt. 2)

In continuation of my spree on Black Friday (although this was technically later since I didn't realize that an 18 - 55 mm lens would only go as far as my foot), I ordered this beauty as well.

It's a 55 - 300 mm lens which allows me to take pictures without being ridiculously close to the subject. I can actually zoom in on things with this lens! Yay!
For an example, check out the pictures after the jump!

Monday, December 26

THE LOOK: Christmas Blues

I'm finally back in business, and I'm armed with a DSLR this time. I went out to take pictures today, which my sister calls "being vain." (Falsehood, by the way. It's not being vain -- it's looking like a tool. But alas, what can you do?)
Anyways, here's the look.

The description's after the jump, so click away!

Wednesday, December 21

Black Friday: the Aftermath (Pt. 1)

I'm not dead! Look, look! I'm alive!
I apologize for my negligence, but I was having a very busy week and needed time to sort things out even after. (Who said that the busywork ends with vacation? I still have so many more errands to run.)
Anyways, here's a post for you all.

So I went shopping on Black Friday -- mainly online shopping, as I didn't really have the time to go around to different stores and look around, sadface. Anyways, I got a ton of things, and this is one of them:

Why, hello there. How are you today, beautiful?
It's a Nikon D5100. Finally, I have a DSLR after months of saving up! I'm super excited, and you'd best know it. It's probably the item that made me happiest out of all of my purchases.

It's neither the most colorful nor the most eye-popping item out of everything, but you can't deny that it's streamlined, sexy, and sleek. I can't wait to use this beauty, but I'm currently waiting for a reader for memory cards and a 55-300mm lens so that I can take pictures without needing this DSLR super close to the subject.

This being said, look forward to beautiful pictures -- I am going to abuse this camera with endless picture-taking!
I can't wait! It's like I'm bursting from joy.

Snap and crackle, kids. I'm back in session.

Who knew that so much happiness could come in so small a package? Joy of joys, my friends.
P. S. I have a penchant for nicknaming possessions dear to me. Any ideas?

Wednesday, December 7

Surprise from H&M

On Friday, I received a package from the deliveryman. I was surprised because I had never had anything delivered to me by DHL, because the package was heavy, and because it had been shipped from Sweden. For a moment, I thought about all of the packages I was awaiting from my shopping extravaganzas during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but I couldn't remember ordering anything that weighed so much.
Well, I signed off on it anyways, and I opened it up as soon as I found something sharp enough to cut through the plastic bindings.
Lo and behold, I saw this once I opened the box:

I had taken H&M's quiz (about their collaborations with designers) and was one of the 100 winners. As a prize, they were sending out copies of 100 Contemporary Fashion Designers printed by Taschen and edited by Terry Jones. Well, I had been anticipating the arrival of this beautiful child, but I quickly forgot about it because of the impending doom that finals (well, mainly final projects and research papers) spell out. So when this heavy but beautiful thing arrived at my door, I was completely surprised.
I haven't looked through the two volumes yet (I'm waiting for hell to end before I can sit down and devour them), but I can tell you now that 60 dollars will buy you, if nothing else, a pair of glamorous books that will coyly beg you to read their bright and beautiful pages.

"Read me! Read me!" they keep shouting to me.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have an awful week ahead of me. I've already received a tupperware with S.O.S. cookies from a friend and sent out urgent reminders to another friend to text me encouraging statements at random times.
Finals week is a dark, dark place, and I shan't be leaving it for a week, so please bear with me. I may not post for a week, but this blog isn't dead! Not yet! I've only just begun! But it may be going a week-long... hibernation. Yes, a hibernation.

Friday, December 2

RE: "Marry the Night" (Lady Gaga Does It Again)

So I knew that Lady Gaga's video for "Marry the Night" would be premiering last night in conjunction with the Grammy Awards. But I put myself on a distractions ban earlier this week and promised myself that I'd not allow myself to go on YouTube and other distracting sites until my semester (and my finals) ends. And I was doing really well with it, even in spite of reading her tantalizing tweet about the video's release last night.

But I just caved in because people keep talking about Lady Gaga's video. And so it turns out that I can't even last for one day after the premier to watch it, much less a span of more than two weeks.

So here it is, ladies and gentlemen:

Read more below!

Thursday, December 1

pittstylevincent LOVES: The Sing-Off (Season Three) Finale

I was introduced to the NBC program The Sing-Off only this year by my friend who is in an a cappella (popularly spelled "acappella" as well) group. Now, I've always been a fan of this type of music, so I was excited to find out about the existence of an a cappella competition on TV. (The unfortunate part is that I only found out about it during this year, its third season. Why did no one let me know sooner?) Of course, I knew that I'd have no time to watch the show, but my sister has, fortuitously, been taken hostage by The Sing-Off's allure and would constantly rave about each show when I got home on Monday nights. And so I'd find myself playing their songs as musical ambiance for my studies throughout the week (and feeling judged by everyone else in the library as I'd unminimize my internet browser to hit the play button again).

Sadly, Monday night was the finale of the third season.
I still want to hear more, though!
Now, what is this article doing on a fashion blog? Well, I main want to encourage you to watch it and fall in love with both Pentatonix and the Dartmouth Aires (though Pentatonix absolutely reigns supreme in my heart), but that's not really relevant. But I'll recap some of this season's awesome outfits, so it's okay, right?

Click to read more!
And I promise: I won't have any spoilers for any of you who haven't watched it!

Sunday, November 27

RE: "Street Fashion Photography Is Messing with Me" (Thought Catalog)

Chelsea Fagan from Thought Catalog has beef with street-style photography. The way it's gone, she argues, isn't really suited for the average person -- it's no longer about real, everyday people.
And she makes some good points... And some that I'd like to contest.

"WHO ARE YOU?" she'd ask.

The story below.
Click it, yo.
(That was a rhyme. It's so sublime. Ahaha.)

Friday, November 25

Black Thanksgiving Friday (Wait-- What?)

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving and Black Friday!

Thanksgiving is usually a huge affair, but I had a wonderfully small celebration this time around.
On Wednesday, I went to my friend's for a small get-together (which had wonderful food, the highlights being the most beautiful and scrumptious pumpkin bars I've ever tasted and a delicate cranberry salsa).
And yesterday (Thanksgiving) was spent at home with a tiny dinner with my sister. Nothing big -- veggies, stuffing, meat, mashed potatoes. Yup-yup. And we watched The Fall, which had some very pretty cinematography and (best of all) excellent costuming. I wasn't impressed with the actual plot, but you should at least check out the costuming if you haven't seen it. (It also apparently appeared in the 17th Annual Art of Motion Picture Costume Design Exhibition.)
I'll leave the trailer for you later in the post.

This is Charles Darwin in The Fall.
He's in a bowler hat. And a red fur coat. And riding boots.
I love his hat. I love his coat. And I love his riding boots.

I will be getting this look someday, you mark my words.
(Problem: I have always loved riding boots but have yet to find any I like...)

Today, I went and celebrated Black Friday with some shopping. Let me tell you -- H&M was wonderful with their scratch-offs for their first customers. Well... except for the part where I got $10 (which I think was perhaps the least anyone could win), and the woman behind me got $200. I felt a part of me die inside, and I wanted to just grab her scratch-off and cradle it in my arms forever. (Sob, sob.) But I ended having a lovely shopping time anyways, so I guess all was well.
The best news of all (for this weekend) is that I will be buying my camera! Not that I really have time to do photo shoots during this semester, but I've been saving up since the summer. And now, I've reached my goal and can buy my pretty camera! I'm excited, wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

And now, as promised! The trailer:

Sources: The Fall on (I know there aren't many pictures, but you can Google it if you're interested!), YouTube

P. S. I'm sorry if this post is erratic and doesn't make sense. I'm exhausted from all of the reading and writing I've been doing for classes. (Also, I've been waking up at 3 or 4 AM every morning to get my work done, and I believe that this decision has shattered my circadian rhythm.)

Sunday, November 20

SPOTTED (little details)

Fifth Avenue

Click for more details!

Monday, November 14

Video out for The Very Best of Versace for H&M

So. You all know how I've been freaking out about The Very Best of Versace for H&M (Winter 2011), Versace's team-up with H&M? Well, they finally released their promotional video a few days ago, so here you are:

The video's kinda weird and chilling (creepy, even?), but it's really nifty. I am especially a fan of the background music, which is just erratic and fanciful. The concept behind the promotional video is also really amusing and cool. FUN.
I still wish I had the opportunity to attend any of the recent promotional events or to even just buy some of the clothes, but I'm holding out because I am determined to get my DSLR (which will happen by the end of this month, yay! All of my hard work shall pay off).
But I guess there are other future H&M collaborations to which I can look forward, so I'll just have to suck it up and be patient.

But remember, all of you who are lucky enough to be near an H&M that will sell this line, that it drops on November 19th in America! Check it, yo!

Source: the Versace for H&M video on H&M's YouTube channel

Sunday, November 13


Schenley Plaza

Click for more!

Friday, November 11

Your Carine Roitfeld Update: The Client

Have you seen this?
It's Carine Roitfeld on W magazine's website!
It's a nice, little blurb about, The Client, the recent documentary on Carine Roitfeld, (recently resigned) ex-editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris.

Check it's out after the jump! (It's just 13 minutes, so you have no reason to watch it! I mean it -- watch it!)

Wednesday, November 9


Hillman Library

Good heavens. You know that academia has your life wrapped around its finger when the brunt of recent photos have been from the same place (namely, the Hill Man's lair). But at least that's where all them coo' kids seem to be, haha.

The subject of this blog post has an interesting story, actually. She once had also been considering running a fashion blog here in Pittsburgh! It's really nifty what one can find out with a little conversation, haha.
Anyways, I like that she looks daring -- the hair, the harem pants (which are hard to photograph well since they look better in motion, grrrrr...), the prints, the boots. She just seems like such an interesting character!

P. S. Remember to like Facebook page!
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Like the page.

Monday, November 7


I am in love with slip-ons. Tassels are an especially nice touch.
Hillman Library

I like a guy who's got a clean look; it's a nice break to see that some people aren't afraid to wear tuck in their shirt and get to work.

Saturday, November 5

pittstylevincent LOVES: attitude (and How to Get Photographed)

Aside from the actual outfit, one of the things that really strikes me about the people I ask to photograph for the SPOTTED series is how they wear their clothes. I've seen some people who are wearing outfits I've liked, but sometimes they don't seem to have the attitude, the persona.

Click for more!

Thursday, November 3


South Craig Street

I loved the way the woman's outfit moved when she walked. Sadly, I didn't think to ask her for a walking picture (mainly because my camera doesn't take good freeze-frame pictures unless the lighting is excessively sunny). In any case, I also love the vibrant colors of the little girl.
Overall, a lovely sight for a rainy day.

Sunday, October 30

RE: "The 40 Worst-Dressed Cities in America" (GQ)

Over the summer, I came across an article from Gentleman's Quarterly called "The 40 Worst-Dressed Cities in America." After seeing this title, I was bound to read it.

#40 Boulder, CO
For the list and more details, click away!
I think you'll be interested.

THE LOOK: Studying Sweats // Club Hillman

As promised (in this post), I'm updating with a post for THE LOOK.

Click for more!

Thursday, October 27

Catalog out for The Very Best of Versace for H&M

They have finally released the photoset for the Versace for H&M collection, The Very Best of Versace for H&M!
Here's a picture of Anna Dello Russo in a dress by Versace for H&M.
Mainly because I love this woman and secondarily because it's relevant.
But wait -- there's more! Click to continue read!

Wednesday, October 26

SPOTTED // Donatella Versace's @Mention

 South Side

Click to see more and to hear about my (pseudo-)contact with the iconic and glamorous Donatella Versace.

Sunday, October 23

Polyvore with The Very Best of Versace for H&M // Mention from the Original Magazine

Here's a snapshot of the post:
Whoot! Check it out!
Click for more!
(Also, my apologies for the confusing title!)

Friday, October 21

SPOTTED (little details) // Update: Fatty Fridays

Schenley Plaza

Click the link for the shoes (love 'em) and an update (on how I'm a fatty).

Wednesday, October 19

SPOTTED (little details)

Cathedral of Learning

Monday, October 17

Save the Date: The Very Best of Versace for H&M on November 19th

Over the summer, I found out that Versace was teaming up with H&M to release a line in the fall. Of course, I began freaking out and told everyone all about how excited I am.

Click to read more!

Saturday, October 15

THE ROUNDUP: This Week in Photos

Here's this week in a photographic nutshell!
At Oakland's Carnegie Library (Main).

Click to see more!

Friday, October 14


Schenley Plaza

You know what's funny? I'm actually painfully shy, so it's really hard for me to approach people and ask for a picture. However, people generally turn out a lot more accommodating than one might expect. It's nice that they're so nice, especially since it takes so much time and effort for me to muster up courage, haha. (I'm working on it!)

Wednesday, October 12

THE LOOK: A-Line // The Dregs of Summer

The last days of summer weather are here, and I'm watching them go by with a heavy heart. Well, I guess those days left a while back, but I was fooled by the sun and warmth of the past week.

Click to read more!

Tuesday, October 11

A Change of Affairs

I've recently decided that I need to start focusing this blog.
This means that I'm going to keep all of my random things to the side and keep this more as my collection for fashion-related items. I think I'll also have a weekly roundup or something, but I'm not sure yet -- I'm still working things out.

For those who enjoy the random thoughts I have, I'm still keeping my tumblr running. Feel free to check that out at!

Anyways, more stuff to come up soon!
Snap and crackle, baby.

Saturday, October 8

South Side Art, Flamenco

I went to my first flamenco performance yesterday. And it was pretty awesome, I have to admit. I had actually expected something super sensual, but it was all energy and fire -- a nice surprise.

Read more for some street art.

Thursday, October 6

SPOTTED (little details)

Hillman Library

Click below to see the shoes in detail -- fantastic!

Wednesday, October 5

DIY: Khaki Tote

I kept promising to post the results of my exciting projects, so here you are: the khaki tote. Made from old pants I had.
Oh no, he didn't!
Um, yes. Yes, I did!

Click to read more! I promise that you won't regret it!

Monday, October 3

Pittsburgh Fashion Week, Days 6 and 7

I apologize for not having posted during the weekend; I was out of the state at a competition.
However, I have exciting news!
I ordered a set of (faux) furs and zippers a while back, and they finally arrived. I have exciting plans for them and can't wait to have fun... when I finally have free time, that is.

Brass zippers from YKK
Long shag fur
Short-hair fur
In the meantime, I'll be posting up one of the exciting projects that I completed recently.
Keep your eyes peeled!

Snap and crackle.

Saturday, October 1

Pittsburgh Fashion Week: Day 5 // Gallery Crawl

Yesterday (Friday) was full of downtown frenzy with the Gallery Crawl, a quarterly event held by the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust. Basically, they exhibit art in different locations for free, and you just visit.
It's literally as easy as it sounds.

So I got coffee with my friend and went with her. The idea of the Gallery Crawl was apparently somewhat novel to her, so I think she enjoyed it.
It was raining, which made me somewhat sad since I hate being wet. But I was happy to spend time with her since I've become so much more antisocial with people so far (though in my defense, it's because I'm so busy), so I can't complain too much.

Anyways, I went for a casual look for Friday.
It was raining, so my hair was a mess. Boo, rain.

Thursday, September 29

Pittsburgh Fashion Week: Day 4 // THE LOOK: Tying the Knot

Done. At last.
Aaaaaaaaaaaah, goodness. Glad that that's over.
I was just running around like a madman, but my Thursday's over, thank goodness!

And now, I get to show you Thursday's look!
Tying the Knot


North Craig Street

Unfortunately, I'm too swamped to yet write up today's Pittsburgh Fashion Week post.
Please be forgiving.
I promise that I'll get it to you soon.

Wednesday, September 28

Pittsburgh Fashion Week: Day 3 // THE LOOK: All about the Shawl

Day 3 of Pittsburgh Fashion Week, and I feel like hell. So I'm going to keep this post short.

Wednesday's look: All about the Shawl
What is up with my uneven tan? How did I even get a tan? I barely went outside!

Pittsburgh Fashion Week: Day 2 (Photo Journey)

The ManStyle fashion show is over, and I have photos to share!
The host of Pittsburgh Fashion Week: Miyoshi Anderson!
Check the rest out below!

Tuesday, September 27

Pittsburgh Fashion Week: Day 2 // THE LOOK: Nautical Blues

It's the second day of Pittsburgh Fashion Week!
I hope you're all dressing up!

Here's Tuesday's look: Nautical Blues

Details about this look and tonight's fashion show below!

Monday, September 26

Pittsburgh Fashion Week: Day 1 // THE LOOK: Scholboy with a Twist

Hey, guys. It's the second annual Pittsburgh Fashion Week, and I hope you're all dressing your best!

I still have been super busy and whatnot, but I promise that I'm still working on lots of projects (some in the making and some finished) to post. They're exiting and wonderful, so keep your eyes peeled throughout the week because I'm hoping to be on top of this throughout Fashion Week here.

And here's Monday's Look: Schoolboy with a Twist

Click below to read more. You know you want to!

Sunday, September 25

Privileges and Rights

Omigosh. I can't believe I fell behind in posting so badly!
I'm a horrible, irresponsible person...  :[  And for that, I apologize.
However, as a treat, I'll let you in on my plans...

Wednesday, September 21


North Craig Street

What can I say? The pop of blue just caught my attention, and I just stopped my bike half a block ahead of her.
At first, I was just looking at the blue top, which caught my eye. It looked like an interesting choice -- royal blue with a light mocha. But then as she neared, I saw the light turquoise cocktail ring and realized how she was pairing it off with the earth tones in her belt and skirt. And then it made sense to me -- the top, the belt, the skirt, the ring.

An interesting match, and it's not one that everyone may like. (Again, you have to focus on the parts that pop out at you -- no one look is ever going to sit well with everyone!) But I appreciate her colorful decisions. We could all use a little bravery sometimes!

Jesse Tyler Ferguson (All in a day's work, you know?)

I'm so tired that I feel like I've been hit by a train.
Seriously, I just walked around all day like a zombie and just stared at people out of pure exhaustion.

Oh, and I hugged Jesse Tyler Ferguson.
No big deal or anything.

(And I look so creepy and yucky in this photo.
Boo hiss, that guy took terrible pictures.)

Sunday, September 18

Wicked Good Sunday

(adv.) Massachusettsian slang meaning "very"
(proper n.) musical of most EPIC proportions.

Example sentence: I saw Wicked today, and it was wicked awesome.
Today, in a summation, can be said to have been a most excellent day.
May I fanboy for a moment, please? Pleeeeease? 

Saturday, September 17

Last Saturday’s Charity Polo Event (Overdue Post)

Last Saturday, I went to a charity polo match with my friend Dannielle. It was really exciting, actually — probably because I had never before attended a match. I felt like it was a very Tale of Two Cities event — you know, the whole “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” ambivalence.

Thursday, September 15


Cathedral of Learning

Now, I'm normally not very keen on patterns (especially floral ones, at that). However, something about the colors caught my eye.

Wednesday, September 14

THE LOOK: the Casual Student

The beginning of the year is the best because many people dress to impress for back-to-school. However, a lot of the consideration and time that people spent on clothing will start to go towards schoolwork and extracurriculars. (Unfortunately, I'm far too vain to just stop prettying myself up, so I just end up waking up earlier to style myself. Thankfully, I decide my outfit the night before, so that's at least ready to go.)
 But fret not! Here's a quick solution to your worries:

The Casual Student

Tuesday, September 13

THE LOOK (Series)

In light of this being New York Fashion Week, I'm going to release my first post of "The Look" series soon. The idea of this series ("The Look") is that I'm going to share my looks and fashion ideas.

Be warned -- tastes constantly change, so one can never be too sure of what's coming up next.
Who can say what surprises are in store for the world?
All I know is that as fashion keeps changing, so will my imagination and ideas.

Snap and crackle, people.
I'll be checking in again shortly.

New York Fashion Week, Take 1

Julia with my espresso and scone
As many of you know, New York Fashion Week has started. Unfortunately, I've been too busy to follow up too much (I know, I know -- what kind of fashion-freak can I claim to be if I haven't even been able to handle the rudimentary task of keeping up with Fashion Week? In my defense, I've been swamped with work from professors who are under the impression that I have no class other than their own.
(But I'm working on keeping up with NYFW! I just need some time to get there.)

But after a nice and rather productive trip to Shadyside with my friend Julia, I went back home and took a little break. Since my sister was watching some of the shows, I tuned in and saw the works of Jill Stuart, Lacoste, and Vivienne Tam. We also recapped Jason Wu's collection before I stopped, knowing full well that I'd never get any more work done if I just kept watching.

Sunday, September 11


Cathedral of Learning

Rainy, Rainy Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh's been a bit rainy this week. Though it's been somewhat dreary, it's a nice change from the heat wave that we suffered last week due to the hurricane. Besides, I think the quiet drizzle is exactly what I've been needing -- just the rain and me, silent companions as we walk, anonymous beings in the crowds of rushing students.

I have a confession: I've never splashed in a puddle before.

I think that this is so cute -- I would totally photograph my daughter play in the rain.
It's been a good time to collect my thoughts.
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