Sunday, November 20

SPOTTED (little details)

Fifth Avenue

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(First, a quick interruption!
I apologize for falling off of the face of the planet during last week, but I was completely swamped to the point where I pulled four consecutive all-nighters. I know, I know -- fun. Anyways, I hope you'll forgive me.
Now for the post! Enjoy.)

I love the little details here. From far away, I saw the composed look and already wanted the picture. However, I got up close and saw her pastel pink matte lipstick (such a lovely touch, really), which was extra icing on the cake. And then I noticed the slightly fraying gloves and the single run in her tights, and I just thought, Brilliant.
Her ensemble is a contrast where cool and collected meets everyday and spontaneous. Of course, maybe these were all accidental. But in fashion, you have to go with the things that happen and make them your own. And I think she really made them her own.
As the late Alexander McQueen (please don't get me started -- I am such a fan) once said, "There’s always spontaneity. You’ve got to allow for that in my shows." (This was in reference to his Widows of Culloden, where one of the dresses had a garment mishap with antlers poking through lace. This is taken from the Metropolitan Museum of Art's blurb on McQueen's Widows of Culloden. Read it!)
So you roll with what life hands you.

Just roll with it.
(If fate ever handed me anything by Alexander McQueen and asked me to "deal with it,"
I think I'd just fanboy myself into exhaustion. Of course, I'm saving up my karma for
the day when life will hand McQueen clothes to me. It'll happen one day, right? Right?)

And so that's how it goes; sometimes, you just go with it.
So snap and crackle.

Source: The Metropolitan Museum of Art blog

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