Saturday, March 31

Talk Nerdy to Me

I have a confession to make.

Maybe you haven't realized this about me. Maybe I'm good at hiding this.
But I'm going to admit it. I am going to get this thing off my chest.

I'm not a human -- I'm actually a figurine. That is my secret. (I'm kidding, obviously.) 

I am a nerd. Or a geek. Or whatever you would like to call it. (Christina H from, for instance, would call me "someone with bad taste," which would have offended me were it not for the fact that a CRACKED writer said it.)

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Monday, March 26

THE LOOK: Warm Hopes

The city is really playing with us now -- from 80 degrees on Wednesday and Thursday, it's gone down to 40 degrees. It's almost unbelievable until I remember that this is Pittsburgh. And then I resign myself to the city's cruelty and cry a little.

In any case, I took advantage of the sun last week and took pictures.

See? I had shorts on last week -- shorts. And it's not even April yet!
That's how nice it was.

I suppose it's a little more natural to have 40-degree weather in March than for it to be in the 80s, but it seems somewhat cruel to have given us such wonderful summer weather only to punch us in the face and say, "AHA. Back to blustering winds and cold extremities." Thanks, Pittsburgh.
Oh well.

Speaking of March, I know that the posts have become sporadic again. And I have to apologize for this and explain myself.
See, I decided (because I clearly make the best life decisions ever) to present at a literature conference. And it's not like I had three papers due by the end of this moth or anything. You know. And it's not like I now have to prepare to present this paper in addition to the other ones I had. And it's not like I've become a hermit once more or anything. (Because this would be completely unlike me, you realize.)
Anyways, it's just that we're nearing the end of the semester, and everything's reaching a culmination. And everyone always ends up a sobbing mess around this time, so you'll have to excuse me as I join the rest of society in mourning our choices: "WHY DID CHOOSE THIS MAJOR? WHY AM I HERE? WHY DON'T I JUST LEAVE ALL OF MY PRIVILEGED, FIRST-WORLD WORRIES BEHIND AND BECOME A FORAGER IN PAPUA NEW GUINEA?"
I'll make sure to tear myself away from the circle of tears once in a while to give you content, though.

Anyways, I have one more picture below.
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Wednesday, March 21

The Trouble with Fashion Blogging (Pt. 1)

When I realized that I'd been blogging for half a year, I revisited my whole blogging experience -- the reasons for starting this blog, the exciting things that I've encountered so far, and the difficulties I've faced. As I thought about it all, one difficulty in particular really stayed in my mind.

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Friday, March 16

THE LOOK: Stare into the Sun

The temperature has risen in Pittsburgh, much to my happiness. I'm somewhat surprised since it's still March, and Pittsburgh has yet to subject us to a crazy snow-related spectacle this year. But at this rate, it seems like a freak snowstorm won't happen. I can't complain too, though.

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Sunday, March 11

Half-Year Anniversary

Dear reader,

Today marks six months since I started Lifestyle of Style. I didn't really think to keep track of how long my blog's been up, but I just randomly wondered today how long I'd been at it. Lo and behold, it was exactly half a year ago that my first post went up!
How exciting!

I wish I had realized that today was the half-year mark.
I would've made something to commemorate the occasion.

I know it's not a huge feat in scope of everything (and of every blog that has ever existed). And I don't suppose that it's really much cause for celebration as far as celebration-worthy things go. But I still can't help but to be happy.

It's been a tough six months, what with trying to balance blogging with everything else in my life. And it's been a bit disheartening at times because I haven't reached a ton of people. I don't know if I ever will, either.
But I think that, more than anything else, I'm simply proud of myself for having been able to stick to this blog for six months -- six months where I haven't given up or said, "Screw it. No one reads this anyways." (Obviously not no one. I, at least, read each post I put up. Hahaha.) I'm proud because I haven't given up hope in this blog.

And I don't know what the next six months of blogging will see, but I'm excited to face the things that are ahead of me. I expect that everything associated with blogging will still prove difficult, and it's a daunting thought. Still, I know challenges will only toughen me up, so I will just have to face them as I go along.
Wish me luck on my forays into the future!

Photo source: Depth in a Shotglass

Thursday, March 8

pittstylevincent LOVES: Hipster Fashion

The last time I discussed Pittsburgh fashion, I think I came off a little too harsh. (I don't go around hating people whose look I don't like or anything like that, in case you were wondering.)
But I wanted to talk about something else that neglected to mention in the post: Pittsburgh has a neat little pocket of hipster fashion. (I don't know if this is quite the right term, but I think you get what I mean when I mention this. I also don't think that hipster fashion is specific to Pittsburgh, but there's quite a bubble of hipster culture here.) You know, I admit that I actually appreciate hipsters.

I appreciate you even if you spew fire, bare sharp fangs, froth at the mouth, and have weird hands.
(Also, Verbal Vomit cracks me up.)

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