Wednesday, September 28

Pittsburgh Fashion Week: Day 3 // THE LOOK: All about the Shawl

Day 3 of Pittsburgh Fashion Week, and I feel like hell. So I'm going to keep this post short.

Wednesday's look: All about the Shawl
What is up with my uneven tan? How did I even get a tan? I barely went outside!

The look is:
  • Shawl
  • Your own creativity
I'm serious -- I'm absolutely in love with shawls. (Kinda like how I'm obsessed with scarves and rings and shoes. Access-whore-ies, anyone?) So wonderful, so fun.
Here, I've paired it with neutral undershirt, neutral (rolled) shorts, mint top (with rolled sleeves), brass shoes, and a layered necklace.

Let me show you ways to wear a shawl!

As an over-top

As a scarf (square pattern)
As a scarf (drape)
As a headwrap
As a stole
As a stole-cardigan (unstructured)
As a stole cardigan (structured)
May I just say that I love my stole? It's so wonderful, and the best part is that I thrifted it.
I was simply perusing the thrift store over my lunch break when I saw it, and, let me tell you, it went into my arms with the snap of my fingers. I love the colors, and the pattern is quaint but not abhorrently Sarah, Plain and Tall, you know? In my coworker's shocked words (since she was all skeptical when I told her that I was bringing out the scarf), "That shawl is hella classy."

P.S. I cheer you all on in your voyages of life!
Random, I know. But I was having a crappy morning, so I texted my friend. And she then sent me six messages' worth of text of how I'm wonderful and will get through all of my stresses.
And so I've decided that sometimes all you need in life is someone to support you. And so I want to cheer you all.
Snap and crackle, people! Snap. And. Crackle.

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