Monday, December 26

THE LOOK: Christmas Blues

I'm finally back in business, and I'm armed with a DSLR this time. I went out to take pictures today, which my sister calls "being vain." (Falsehood, by the way. It's not being vain -- it's looking like a tool. But alas, what can you do?)
Anyways, here's the look.

The description's after the jump, so click away!

But it was a quiet Christmas. My sister seemed pretty restless -- I know that she was all wigged out about it because there wasn't any snow, and I was the only family around, and she wanted to do a bunch of stuff.
Secretly, I kind of enjoyed it, the quiet moments and the restful quiet.
But In light of this kind of quiet atmosphere, I picked out some muted colors with just a pop of color.

I really enjoy the half-tuck look. It's just a fun little quirk, you know?

I also really like the oversize shirt look -- it's slouchy and careless, but it's not sloppy.
And I paired it off with my red Ralph Lauren shoes (Lander) and a bit of belt detail. I put a green belt and a red belt together -- the spirit of Christmas and all, you know?

And that's THE LOOK for Christmas, yo.
I hope your Christmas went swimmingly!

P. S. You can find me on LookBook and can Hype It if you want.
(Now for one last obnoxious picture of myself.)

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