Thursday, December 29

Black Friday: the Aftermath (Pt. 2)

In continuation of my spree on Black Friday (although this was technically later since I didn't realize that an 18 - 55 mm lens would only go as far as my foot), I ordered this beauty as well.

It's a 55 - 300 mm lens which allows me to take pictures without being ridiculously close to the subject. I can actually zoom in on things with this lens! Yay!
For an example, check out the pictures after the jump!

This is at normal distance.
This is at full zoom.

See the detailing that you get with a full zoom from this lens? All of the hard work that I put into this painting can be appreciated with this lens. It's wonderful. It also allowed me to take the pictures from my Christmas post!

So cheers to that!

More blog posts coming up, I promise.
I've just been working a lot during this (super short) vacation, so I haven't been able to do even a quarter of the things that I had planned. Boo hiss.
But that's okay. I love the people with whom I work; they're the ones that keep me going back, so it's worth it. (But I have to be honest -- I'm not sure why they rehire me since I'm such a klutz. True story.)

Until the next post, the best to you all! I hope your holiday is going well!

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