Wednesday, October 26

SPOTTED // Donatella Versace's @Mention

 South Side

Click to see more and to hear about my (pseudo-)contact with the iconic and glamorous Donatella Versace.

I have to say that I love the fur-on-fur look that he has going.
Moreover, who can deny that aura that he exudes.

Moving on, I would like to apologize for not having much content of me lately. I've gotten so busy and rushed that I haven't had time to get pictures of myself. (Lies. All lies. I'm just still too scared to go out in public and take pictures of myself/don't have a tripod/am still saving up for a DSLR. But on the bright side, I will have enough by either the end of this month or mid-November. And then my pictures will be gloriously pretty. And you will all hopefully forgive me.)

And now for the last part of this post, which is perhaps the most (personally) exciting thing: Donatella Versace @mentioned me via H&M's twitter account.
She was accepting questions, and I just asked her what inspired her. And she responded. Like, no big deal or anything.
Here's the proof (and you'd best bet that I favorited it as soon as I surgically reattached my jaw to my body):!/pittstylevince

Madness. Utter blissful madness.
Snap and crackle.

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