Tuesday, January 31

THE LOOK: Disco Days

As promised, I've started bringing my camera and tripod with me and have been snapping photos when I have time.
Last night, I chose a place that was pretty abandoned rather than blinding everyone with my camera's insane flash. However, I still had to stop to let people by at times, and I swear that they were a little scared of the weird kid jumping and dancing around while taking pictures of himself. It's still somewhat embarrassing, but I've found -- as expected -- that it's not a completely paralyzing experience. Sure, I wish they'd not give me weird looks, but I guess it's only fair -- what else can someone do when s/he encounters someone who's bouncing around the street?

Anyways, let's discuss THE LOOK!
I can't quite place my finger on it, but this outfit made me think of the 70's disco era.
Is it the blazer? Is it the shiny gold belt? I don't know, but it an unknown something that makes me happy.

Like this.
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Thursday, January 26

THE LOOK: Dandy Days

Nothing too much to say about this post.
Just a post about personal style.

That's all, folks.

Sunday, January 22

The Problem with Winter

Winter is now certainly upon Pittsburgh., and I find it a predicament.
This could get a little problematic.
Though I love layering, I can't find a way to take pictures since I will certainly catch pneumonia and die if I should try taking pictures outside. So that's not really a feasible option, especially considering how my immune system regularly decides to hate me at the most inopportune moments (and I don't take care of myself as well as I'd like to).
And so the other option is to take pictures indoors, where there are lots of people who will stop to stare at me if I make a spectacle of myself by taking pictures of myself. This is feasible, but I'm really shy and self-conscious. Ergo, this would embarrass me like nothing else.
However, I'm hurting for content for my blog (hence the current schedule of two blogs per week), and I need photos.

So I guess this is my declaration of action: I shall sally forth through the wintry cold of embarrassment! For the sake of this blog, I shall feel like a tool! And maybe -- if I'm lucky -- I'll grow desensitized to people's stares as time passes.
Life waits for no one, so I need to do things myself if I want them done.

At times like these, it would be easier to have someone photograph me instead.
So if you see me acting self-conscious and taking pictures of myself in public, feel free to ignore me or give a greeting. Or you could also, you know, point and laugh.

Stay warm, kids.

Thursday, January 19


Centre Avenue

Who says that people only dress up in the city? Even grocery shopping, some people will dress to impress!

I saw this man while running quick grocery errands for someone one day, and I was very taken with his slacks (and matching cap). Aren't they a rich and beautiful shade of aqua?
This man's name is Aru Cralle, and he creates staves. The staff that he is holding, in fact, is one he created by himself. Impressive, no?

I always love seeing people nurture their sense of personal aesthetics in the everyday world. I think it's easy to dress up when you're going to an event, but I'm always impressed when other people choose to dress up each day.
Every day is a new day with the promises of opportunity and chance, and the world is my stage -- everyone is my audience, and I am likewise part of your audience.
Life's too short to be boring!

P. S. I didn't have my camera with me, and the camera on my phone doesn't quite do him justice. Please forgive me!

Saturday, January 14

A Weekend in New York

So I went to New York, as my previous post pointed out.
It was wonderful to see my friend (whom I had not seen in two years, who is going away for the semester, who is also practically my relative at this point in my life), and I also had a nice time just chilling and milling around New York.
And, of course, of course, of course, I have pictures to share with you all and little anecdotes.

This pretty much sums it all up, though.

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Saturday, January 7

To New York We Go

Unfortunately, there will be no post this weekend because I won't be near a laptop -- my friend got tickets to go to New York, so away shall I be!
Because of this, you all get a nice reprieve from me, haha. (Enjoy it while you can, mwahaha!)

Anyways, my friend and I plan to basically walk around and catch up. As per my request, we will be hitting up Chinatown for both dim sum and Chinese bakeries.
Excuse me for a moment while I cry tears of joy.

This is dim sum, for anyone who isn't familiar with it.
I'm jealous even of myself.

Anyways, I'll be back in business when I return, so please be patient with me.
Peace out 'til then.

Source: menupix

Thursday, January 5

Versace for H&M Cruise Collection

Remember the collaboration between H&M and Versace last season? Well, rumors were that a second collection was to be released soon afterwards. But this time, the focus would be resort wear.
And now, proof is finally out. Here's a sneak peak:

You can see that there's a sort of fruit print going on. It seems to be the theme.
I'm personally not as excited as I was for the collaboration that was released in the fall. For me, I associate my ideal Versace with glamorous metallics, edgy leather, and luxurious prints. Though the cruise collection here has a print, it's not in the Ginanni-era style that I so adore.
I admit that it's whimsical and fun (and quite adorable, I'd warrant), but I guess I'm just not feeling this collection -- especially in comparison to the fall's collection The Very Best of Versace for H&M line (where I felt that Donatella was somewhat channeling Gianni, I daresay).

Speaking of which... I wonder how this resort wear will fare. I mean, I think it'll be hard to top what happened in November (the H&M site got so much traffic that it crashed; people unsurprisingly camped outside of stores two days before the collection released went on sale; some stores sold out in half an hour; and injuries resulted, including an incident in Hong Kong, where a woman reportedly sent two henchmen to beat up the security guards who had accused her of cutting a line of three hundred shoppers). But who knows? Maybe everyone will have a greater fashion fever over these pieces than the ones in the fall.

In any case, that's the new situation with Versace's affair with H&M.

What do you think?

Sources: Huffington Post

Sunday, January 1

THE LOOK: Ushering in a New Year

Happy new year, everyone!
Here's my outfit from new year's eve.

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