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RE: "Marry the Night" (Lady Gaga Does It Again)

So I knew that Lady Gaga's video for "Marry the Night" would be premiering last night in conjunction with the Grammy Awards. But I put myself on a distractions ban earlier this week and promised myself that I'd not allow myself to go on YouTube and other distracting sites until my semester (and my finals) ends. And I was doing really well with it, even in spite of reading her tantalizing tweet about the video's release last night.

But I just caved in because people keep talking about Lady Gaga's video. And so it turns out that I can't even last for one day after the premier to watch it, much less a span of more than two weeks.

So here it is, ladies and gentlemen:

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I'm going to spare you my endless questions and comments about the video, but I would like to point out one thing: I still don't understand how she does it.
See, "Marry the Night" is one of my least favorite songs on Born This Way. So when she announced that she was releasing this as her newest single, I wrinkled my nose. But curiosity got the best of me, and I still couldn't help but to watch the video. And now, the song is starting to grow on me despite my original disdain.
This isn't the first time it's ever happened, either. It is, in fact, a trend: I hate almost every song that she releases at the moment of its premiere. In fact, the only two songs to which I did not object were "Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)" and "The Edge of Glory."
With a range of feelings from What, pray tell, is assaulting my ears? to Whattheeff, why did you choose the song I hate most on this album?, I have opposed almost all of her premiering decisions. (It'd take too long to write about every reaction I ever had, but I will share my reaction to "Bad Romance" because it's somewhat funny. The very first time it leaked, I actually stopped about 20 seconds into it because I thought it was a hoax with all of the odd vocalizations. And when the real version came out, I thought, Wait. This is legit? I thought that all of the RaRaRAWRaLaLaLa's were just someone's online pranks! Ugghhhhh, Lady Gaga. What are you doing?) And yet, I somehow have come to simply adore every song that she releases despite my initial disgust at her choice. It's like I'll never win -- like she'll always find a way to burrow fondly into my heart.
This is something that I come to expect from her now: she'll disorient me with her choices at first (the simplicity behind the video for "The Edge of Glory," for instance, was an absolute curve ball), but she'll just smile and giggle as she watches me piece it together until I finally understand exactly why she did what she did. And then it's all the more wonderful because it took that long to uncover its wonder.
So let me reiterate: I still don't understand how she does it.

Anyways, I don't think I need to explain why this post is relevant since Lady Gaga, whether or not you respect her taste in clothing, is a powerful fashion icon. (All I can say is that you should, as usual, watch for her outfits and little details.)
And throughout the video, she makes hints at all of the efforts that she took in order to reach where she is now. And that gives me hope. In fact, a lot of things give me hope. Knowing that other people love fashion just as much as I do gives me hope. Knowing that a lot of successful people had to start from the very bottom with nothing but their dreams gives me hope. Knowing that people are brave enough to wear the things they wear gives me hope.
I have hope.
I don't want to lose my enchantment with fashion the way that some people become jaded or tired from being overtaxed with expectations and antagonism. I want to work hard until I make it, and then I want to work even harder. I don't want to lose my dreams or to lose sight of the sparkling purity of my hopes.
I believe in fashion as whatever it is, be it art, a means of expression, simply a way to have fun, etc.
And so I work hard. I work hard so that I can achieve my dreams and prove that they are worth it.

If Lady Gaga can make it in spite of all everyone that laughed at her dreams, so can I.

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