Monday, May 28

Welcome to the City

It's now 1:30 AM, May 29th. I am in Japan.
And I am awake because of an earthquake that measured about 5.2 on the Richter scale. Yep.
I would have posted last night, but there were a few, um, variables.

Sorry it's blurry. I didn't even notice when I took the shot.
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Thursday, May 24

Pre-Departure Blues

It's been a little while since my last post, and this is why: three more days 'til Tokyo.

This captures everything I feel at the moment.

It's crunch-time, and I am so stressed that I've been feeling the urge to simultaneously throw up and gorge on chocolate. I've been running (well, the weather has been a little icky, so I've technically been speed-walking) around, panicking as I try to tie up all of the loose ends and make sure everything is in order before I go.

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Saturday, May 19

THE LOOK: Lavender and Sage

This is actually a rather unusual color combination for me. It's a little bolder than I'm used to wearing. But it was so hot, and I wanted to wear a nice and breathable shirt, which is why I picked my J Crew Light Weight Shirt. I was trying to figure out which pair of shorts would match -- black seemed uninspired and beige seemed too plain for the look I wanted for the day.

I narrowed it down to either navy or olive green, and the olive green seemed somewhat bold and exciting -- probably because I never think to mix the two together.
But the outfit didn't seem quite complete, so I added an orange belt to be a sort of shock of color in the middle.
It's sad that the sunlight bleached the color of the shirt in the photos, but the color of the shirt really is very nice -- I promise.
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Anyways, cheers to sunshine and a warm summer.

Saturday, May 12

Growing Up (Pt. 1): Maturity

Now that it's summer, I've found myself taking a few breaks here and there in between all of the tasks I have. An as with every summer, I've been taking inventory of my life -- what I've accomplished, how I've changed, the friends I have now. I guess most people do this during New Year's or something, but I usually reserve this for the summer, when I have ample time.

One of the things I've realized during these reflections is that I'm still a kid. Kind of. 

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THE ROUNDUP: The Last Huzzah

I'm sure I've said this way too many times already, but it's been a busy few weeks. And for that, what would be better than a photo recap?

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Monday, May 7

Good Morning, Pittsburgh

I woke up this morning at 5. It wasn’t so much that I wanted to or had planned it, but I found myself unable to sleep anymore.
And so I updated my Facebook status (because, really, what else is someone to do at such an early hour?) and took pictures of the sunrise.

It's funny. I had promised myself that I was through with sunrises after seeing too many during the past two semesters, and look at what I did this morning.
But I couldn't go back to sleep, and I've been meaning to take pictures of the sunrise... So I guess it's not so bad.

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Friday, May 4


Forbes Avenue

I like the sort of hardy look of this outfit. I don't know if I'd go so far as to say that it's rugged, but there's a certain sturdiness to this outfit, like someone could wear it to a bunch of places.
Like, "Hey. I'm gonna go do some lumberjack work." (Okay. That was a weird example.)
Maybe it's the boots. I'm not sure, but I like it.

But funny story:
When this person walked by, I immediately saw the cut of the jeans. Not the jeans themselves, the boots, or the orange belt. No, I spotted the fit. (I literally said to myself, "Look! Jeans that look tailored!")
I think this is a testament to what a creeper I've become. (No, really. Whenever I have my camera, my eyes are constantly darting around to find outfits I like. People probably think I'm some sort of sketchy kid just eying everyone up.) But in my defense, I took the picture because I saw the belt afterwards.

So cheers to being a creeper, I guess! Life's better with your eyes open, so I'd rather be labeled a sketch than miss out on all of the pretty things in life.

Wednesday, May 2

THE LOOK: Summer Dreams

I realize that it's been a while since my last post, and I apologize for that. Last week was finals week, and the week before had all of my pre-finals projects.
I also may or may not have had a crisis that was spurred by one of the more overwhelming classes of my semester. (And not that I'd be embarrassed because I just admitted that to you all or anything, ahaha... haha... ha...)

But here is a long overdue post, and, more specifically, one under THE LOOK section:

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