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pittstylevincent LOVES: The Sing-Off (Season Three) Finale

I was introduced to the NBC program The Sing-Off only this year by my friend who is in an a cappella (popularly spelled "acappella" as well) group. Now, I've always been a fan of this type of music, so I was excited to find out about the existence of an a cappella competition on TV. (The unfortunate part is that I only found out about it during this year, its third season. Why did no one let me know sooner?) Of course, I knew that I'd have no time to watch the show, but my sister has, fortuitously, been taken hostage by The Sing-Off's allure and would constantly rave about each show when I got home on Monday nights. And so I'd find myself playing their songs as musical ambiance for my studies throughout the week (and feeling judged by everyone else in the library as I'd unminimize my internet browser to hit the play button again).

Sadly, Monday night was the finale of the third season.
I still want to hear more, though!
Now, what is this article doing on a fashion blog? Well, I main want to encourage you to watch it and fall in love with both Pentatonix and the Dartmouth Aires (though Pentatonix absolutely reigns supreme in my heart), but that's not really relevant. But I'll recap some of this season's awesome outfits, so it's okay, right?

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And I promise: I won't have any spoilers for any of you who haven't watched it!

First for Pentatonix, which was most certainly my favorite group of the competition! They had a penchant for taking songs and doing completely wacko things with them that no one expected like making crazy remixes with vocalized record scratches and skips. Their performances were insane, and they had an inimitable bass-and-percussion combo (Avi and Kevin) in addition to, in my opinion, one of the clearest voices of the entire show (Mitch). If you ask me which my favorite performances were, I wouldn't know what to say because I loved them all. (Seriously, check them out on NBC.)
Each week, they played with different outfits that were trying to play on the theme of their chosen piece. My favorites were the outfits from the episodes of '60s Favorites, Rock Anthem, and Classics.

Though the outfits for Janis Joplin's "Piece of My Heart" were definitely not my kind of clothing, I was really intrigued by the very unique pieces (Kevin's high-waisted pants, Kirstie's long fringe best, Scott's suit, Mitch's asymmetrical, wide-collared shirt, and Avi's jacket). And then I loved Kirstie's red crop-top jacket and Kevin's belted (Civil-War-inspired?) jacket during "Born to Be Wild" by Steppenwolf. And then during their rendition of Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On," the guys had beautiful silver suits with black (velvet?) lapels, which they paired off with orange shirts (view the image here). It actually made me think of some sort of technology (metal and neon lights, maybe?), but I just really appreciated that they were trying such an interesting variety of fabrics and colors.

'60's Favorites: Janis Joplin's "Piece of My Heart"

Rock Anthem: Steppenwolf's "Born to Be Wild"

The Dartmouth Aires also had a place in my heart. From the Ivy League Dartmouth College, these 16 members were always charming, fun, and infectiously energetic. They reduced me to an Awwwwing mess all the time. The highlights were, in my opinion, their Queen medley ("Killer Queen/Bohemian Rhapsody/Somebody to Love") and their rendition of R. Kelly's "Ignition (Remix)." Aside from having a killer group with some amazing main singers, they also had my favorite character on the show, Clarke Moore, whose style made me giddy.

True to their Ivy-League roots, they often showed up in loud colors and played up the preppy and dandy.
I loved the outfits from their first performance (Stevie Wonder's "Higher Ground"), where they paired off greens, browns, and oranges -- a bright sight to behold but one that is just as colorful as their personalities. I also loved the cotton-candy look from their Current Hits night, when they sang "Animal" by Neon Trees. It actually made me think of Versace's collaboration with H&M since the bright blue and bright pink seemed to be two signature themes of the collection, making an appearance in shirts, suits, slacks, and shoes. These are really just a sampling of their outfits, it must be said.
But my very, very favorite night was their costuming for their amazing Queen medley, where they wore an amazing array of fabrics (velvet, silk, cotton) in black-blue-gold palette. I was simultaneously in love and envious because many of them were wearing some outerwear that I have wanted in my closet for so long (but have either not found them or could not afford them when I found them). Now, I can't paste any of the NBC photos on this page because they're .gif files; however, all is not lost because I can use links to send you on your merry way! If you look at Picture 1, you will see them wearing a few tops I've always wanted: a velvet suit, a metallic-gold suit, and a bright blue suit (though I don't want mine in velvet like they have). Clarke (second from the left/the one in the back/the one with awesome hair) in Picture 2 is wearing another one of the outfits I've always wanted: a patterned suit (and even better, his patterns are metallic). And I can't find a picture of one other piece that I've always wanted, but the singer on the very right of the stage when they transition into "Bohemian Rhapsody" is wearing it: a tailcoat.

Signature Songs: Stevie Wonder's "Higher Ground"
Current Hits: "Animal" by Neon Trees
Superstar Medleys: Queen medley

And that's the post -- fashion meets a cappella glory.
Now go feed yourself some ear candy.

Sources: The Sing-Off's photos page on NBC, The Dam Nation blog, Dartmouth Now

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