Wednesday, December 21

Black Friday: the Aftermath (Pt. 1)

I'm not dead! Look, look! I'm alive!
I apologize for my negligence, but I was having a very busy week and needed time to sort things out even after. (Who said that the busywork ends with vacation? I still have so many more errands to run.)
Anyways, here's a post for you all.

So I went shopping on Black Friday -- mainly online shopping, as I didn't really have the time to go around to different stores and look around, sadface. Anyways, I got a ton of things, and this is one of them:

Why, hello there. How are you today, beautiful?
It's a Nikon D5100. Finally, I have a DSLR after months of saving up! I'm super excited, and you'd best know it. It's probably the item that made me happiest out of all of my purchases.

It's neither the most colorful nor the most eye-popping item out of everything, but you can't deny that it's streamlined, sexy, and sleek. I can't wait to use this beauty, but I'm currently waiting for a reader for memory cards and a 55-300mm lens so that I can take pictures without needing this DSLR super close to the subject.

This being said, look forward to beautiful pictures -- I am going to abuse this camera with endless picture-taking!
I can't wait! It's like I'm bursting from joy.

Snap and crackle, kids. I'm back in session.

Who knew that so much happiness could come in so small a package? Joy of joys, my friends.
P. S. I have a penchant for nicknaming possessions dear to me. Any ideas?

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