Sunday, April 15

The Trouble with Fashion Blogging (Pt. 2)

When I read my post about GQ's "The 40 Worst-Dressed Cities in America," I worry that I come off as nasty. And so I think I should make clear my stance on Pittsburgh fashion. For those who haven't seen it yet, you should really check out my blog post about it (and the article itself or the article's blurb on Pittsburgh, at least).

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Sunday, April 8

Your Life Disrupted

The University of Pittsburgh is having some issues.

After the shooting at the Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic, many bomb threats have occurred all over campus. (I lost count after the 16th one.) People thought that someone just didn't want to take exams. But lately, it's become somewhat ridiculous -- I think we're over at a count of over 40, and multiple places are being evacuated all at once. And even worse is that dorms and even the library (read: sacred study space where no one should EVER be bombing!) have been targeted. I feel bad for the students there, especially since they've been forced to leave their beds before sunrise and after sunset. It's awful...

Stop the Pitt bomb threats has been doing a really good job of compiling information,
but I've gotten so nervous and paranoid that I am (sadly) suspicious of him/her/them.

At first, some people were laughing a little and treating it as a joke. "Oh. Another one? Why can't it happen during my class?" But now, people are getting really scared -- they think that it may be something like what happened at Columbine and Virginia Tech, where shootings were apparently heralded by bomb threats. At this point, everyone's starting to get on edge, and everyone's consensus is that the perpetrator needs to be caught -- if the threats just stopped, the unleashed hysteria would be terrifying.

This whole thing has gotten me really down -- classes are becoming empty, paranoia is catching like wildfire, and classes are cancelled.
But it's Easter, and I'm determined to raise up everyone's spirits.

In recent news, Pitt held its 11th annual drag show on Friday, and I got pictures for a photo essay. It's a great cause, and the Rainbow Alliance always gives its donations to the Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force, which is such a sweet thing to do.
Here are some of the photos from backstage:

Putting on the face.

After the face is on, it's time for makeup.

Queens never fall -- they descend with varying amounts of grace
and may or may not twist an ankle.

I have many more photos, but I need to edit them before I can put them up -- rotating, fixing the (awful) lighting, and such.
And I feel like such a tease since I'm actually prepping these for the next issue of The Original Magazine, which means you won't see the final pieces until the fall. But at least that gives you something to which to look forward, no?

Anyways, you can stay caught up on the news about Pitt's bomb threats through the University. Alternatively, you can keep up with the news on Stop the Pitt bomb threats and Pitt's reddit site, where people have been doing extensive compiling (and speculating). I'm not saying that the latter options are the most reliable, but you may find some useful gems here and there.

Photo source (for the bomb threat): Stop the Pitt bomb threats
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