Tuesday, September 13

New York Fashion Week, Take 1

Julia with my espresso and scone
As many of you know, New York Fashion Week has started. Unfortunately, I've been too busy to follow up too much (I know, I know -- what kind of fashion-freak can I claim to be if I haven't even been able to handle the rudimentary task of keeping up with Fashion Week? In my defense, I've been swamped with work from professors who are under the impression that I have no class other than their own.
(But I'm working on keeping up with NYFW! I just need some time to get there.)

But after a nice and rather productive trip to Shadyside with my friend Julia, I went back home and took a little break. Since my sister was watching some of the shows, I tuned in and saw the works of Jill Stuart, Lacoste, and Vivienne Tam. We also recapped Jason Wu's collection before I stopped, knowing full well that I'd never get any more work done if I just kept watching.

But I had a nice day of coffee, some schoolwork, and a bit of pampering in Shadyside. I checked out The Coffee Tree Roasters for the first time, and it was lovely.

It goes a lot deeper than I ever would have expected

There I picked up some gorgeously gratifying Ghiradelli hazelnut chocolate hot cocoa mix, and then I went to Sephora. I have a soft spot for that place. I think I love the clean look, the smell of makeup, and all of the colors -- it's just like a miniature department store where possibilities are endless.
Anyways, I got home after my little errand run in Shadyside to find my sister tuning into the fashion shows.
May I say that I quite enjoyed the pastels of Jill Stuart's collection? I am especially enamored with the mix of pink and light mint. Just wonderful.
As far as Lacoste goes, I was actually pleasantly surprised by some of their looks. Fir instance, the very first piece to catch my eye was an outfit with a simulated silhouette. The way that the white of the torso matches the sleeves created a beautiful illusion. I am the cray-cray for this, too. I don't know that it's exceptional, but I just loved curve of the navy on sky blue and adored the peeping skin. Lastly, what was with that magical pattern that they used? I'm very picky about patterns, but this was definitely a hit for me.
And then Jason Wu. It was fun, and I found pleasing the softness of the patterned pieces. However, the dresses at the end really wowed me. It's combines the softly feminine (the top) and brave (the skirt) with such elegance.

Unfortunately, I desperately had to get back to work and couldn't allow myself any more time for the shows.
More posts to follow?

Snap and crackle, people.

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