Thursday, September 29

Pittsburgh Fashion Week: Day 4 // THE LOOK: Tying the Knot

Done. At last.
Aaaaaaaaaaaah, goodness. Glad that that's over.
I was just running around like a madman, but my Thursday's over, thank goodness!

And now, I get to show you Thursday's look!
Tying the Knot

 What you need:
  • Undershirt
  • Button-down shirt
  • Tie
I almost never wear my hair (after this specific haircut, at least) down, so consider this a treat!

Who says that you have to tie a tie like a tie? (Haha. That was quite some word-slapping right there.) But I have some old ties, and I wanted to do something with them. And then I came up with this idea.

I think life's too short to be boring, so I'm living it my way.
And if that includes bow-tie ties, then so be it.

Anyways, that's a wrap for my Thursday, folks. I'm done with it and want to move on.
So snap and crackle, kids.

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