Sunday, October 30

RE: "The 40 Worst-Dressed Cities in America" (GQ)

Over the summer, I came across an article from Gentleman's Quarterly called "The 40 Worst-Dressed Cities in America." After seeing this title, I was bound to read it.

#40 Boulder, CO
For the list and more details, click away!
I think you'll be interested.

THE LOOK: Studying Sweats // Club Hillman

As promised (in this post), I'm updating with a post for THE LOOK.

Click for more!

Thursday, October 27

Catalog out for The Very Best of Versace for H&M

They have finally released the photoset for the Versace for H&M collection, The Very Best of Versace for H&M!
Here's a picture of Anna Dello Russo in a dress by Versace for H&M.
Mainly because I love this woman and secondarily because it's relevant.
But wait -- there's more! Click to continue read!

Wednesday, October 26

SPOTTED // Donatella Versace's @Mention

 South Side

Click to see more and to hear about my (pseudo-)contact with the iconic and glamorous Donatella Versace.

Sunday, October 23

Polyvore with The Very Best of Versace for H&M // Mention from the Original Magazine

Here's a snapshot of the post:
Whoot! Check it out!
Click for more!
(Also, my apologies for the confusing title!)

Friday, October 21

SPOTTED (little details) // Update: Fatty Fridays

Schenley Plaza

Click the link for the shoes (love 'em) and an update (on how I'm a fatty).

Wednesday, October 19

SPOTTED (little details)

Cathedral of Learning

Monday, October 17

Save the Date: The Very Best of Versace for H&M on November 19th

Over the summer, I found out that Versace was teaming up with H&M to release a line in the fall. Of course, I began freaking out and told everyone all about how excited I am.

Click to read more!

Saturday, October 15

THE ROUNDUP: This Week in Photos

Here's this week in a photographic nutshell!
At Oakland's Carnegie Library (Main).

Click to see more!

Friday, October 14


Schenley Plaza

You know what's funny? I'm actually painfully shy, so it's really hard for me to approach people and ask for a picture. However, people generally turn out a lot more accommodating than one might expect. It's nice that they're so nice, especially since it takes so much time and effort for me to muster up courage, haha. (I'm working on it!)

Wednesday, October 12

THE LOOK: A-Line // The Dregs of Summer

The last days of summer weather are here, and I'm watching them go by with a heavy heart. Well, I guess those days left a while back, but I was fooled by the sun and warmth of the past week.

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Tuesday, October 11

A Change of Affairs

I've recently decided that I need to start focusing this blog.
This means that I'm going to keep all of my random things to the side and keep this more as my collection for fashion-related items. I think I'll also have a weekly roundup or something, but I'm not sure yet -- I'm still working things out.

For those who enjoy the random thoughts I have, I'm still keeping my tumblr running. Feel free to check that out at!

Anyways, more stuff to come up soon!
Snap and crackle, baby.

Saturday, October 8

South Side Art, Flamenco

I went to my first flamenco performance yesterday. And it was pretty awesome, I have to admit. I had actually expected something super sensual, but it was all energy and fire -- a nice surprise.

Read more for some street art.

Thursday, October 6

SPOTTED (little details)

Hillman Library

Click below to see the shoes in detail -- fantastic!

Wednesday, October 5

DIY: Khaki Tote

I kept promising to post the results of my exciting projects, so here you are: the khaki tote. Made from old pants I had.
Oh no, he didn't!
Um, yes. Yes, I did!

Click to read more! I promise that you won't regret it!

Monday, October 3

Pittsburgh Fashion Week, Days 6 and 7

I apologize for not having posted during the weekend; I was out of the state at a competition.
However, I have exciting news!
I ordered a set of (faux) furs and zippers a while back, and they finally arrived. I have exciting plans for them and can't wait to have fun... when I finally have free time, that is.

Brass zippers from YKK
Long shag fur
Short-hair fur
In the meantime, I'll be posting up one of the exciting projects that I completed recently.
Keep your eyes peeled!

Snap and crackle.

Saturday, October 1

Pittsburgh Fashion Week: Day 5 // Gallery Crawl

Yesterday (Friday) was full of downtown frenzy with the Gallery Crawl, a quarterly event held by the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust. Basically, they exhibit art in different locations for free, and you just visit.
It's literally as easy as it sounds.

So I got coffee with my friend and went with her. The idea of the Gallery Crawl was apparently somewhat novel to her, so I think she enjoyed it.
It was raining, which made me somewhat sad since I hate being wet. But I was happy to spend time with her since I've become so much more antisocial with people so far (though in my defense, it's because I'm so busy), so I can't complain too much.

Anyways, I went for a casual look for Friday.
It was raining, so my hair was a mess. Boo, rain.
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