Thursday, September 29

Pittsburgh Fashion Week: Day 4 // THE LOOK: Tying the Knot

Done. At last.
Aaaaaaaaaaaah, goodness. Glad that that's over.
I was just running around like a madman, but my Thursday's over, thank goodness!

And now, I get to show you Thursday's look!
Tying the Knot


North Craig Street

Unfortunately, I'm too swamped to yet write up today's Pittsburgh Fashion Week post.
Please be forgiving.
I promise that I'll get it to you soon.

Wednesday, September 28

Pittsburgh Fashion Week: Day 3 // THE LOOK: All about the Shawl

Day 3 of Pittsburgh Fashion Week, and I feel like hell. So I'm going to keep this post short.

Wednesday's look: All about the Shawl
What is up with my uneven tan? How did I even get a tan? I barely went outside!

Pittsburgh Fashion Week: Day 2 (Photo Journey)

The ManStyle fashion show is over, and I have photos to share!
The host of Pittsburgh Fashion Week: Miyoshi Anderson!
Check the rest out below!

Tuesday, September 27

Pittsburgh Fashion Week: Day 2 // THE LOOK: Nautical Blues

It's the second day of Pittsburgh Fashion Week!
I hope you're all dressing up!

Here's Tuesday's look: Nautical Blues

Details about this look and tonight's fashion show below!

Monday, September 26

Pittsburgh Fashion Week: Day 1 // THE LOOK: Scholboy with a Twist

Hey, guys. It's the second annual Pittsburgh Fashion Week, and I hope you're all dressing your best!

I still have been super busy and whatnot, but I promise that I'm still working on lots of projects (some in the making and some finished) to post. They're exiting and wonderful, so keep your eyes peeled throughout the week because I'm hoping to be on top of this throughout Fashion Week here.

And here's Monday's Look: Schoolboy with a Twist

Click below to read more. You know you want to!

Sunday, September 25

Privileges and Rights

Omigosh. I can't believe I fell behind in posting so badly!
I'm a horrible, irresponsible person...  :[  And for that, I apologize.
However, as a treat, I'll let you in on my plans...

Wednesday, September 21


North Craig Street

What can I say? The pop of blue just caught my attention, and I just stopped my bike half a block ahead of her.
At first, I was just looking at the blue top, which caught my eye. It looked like an interesting choice -- royal blue with a light mocha. But then as she neared, I saw the light turquoise cocktail ring and realized how she was pairing it off with the earth tones in her belt and skirt. And then it made sense to me -- the top, the belt, the skirt, the ring.

An interesting match, and it's not one that everyone may like. (Again, you have to focus on the parts that pop out at you -- no one look is ever going to sit well with everyone!) But I appreciate her colorful decisions. We could all use a little bravery sometimes!

Jesse Tyler Ferguson (All in a day's work, you know?)

I'm so tired that I feel like I've been hit by a train.
Seriously, I just walked around all day like a zombie and just stared at people out of pure exhaustion.

Oh, and I hugged Jesse Tyler Ferguson.
No big deal or anything.

(And I look so creepy and yucky in this photo.
Boo hiss, that guy took terrible pictures.)

Sunday, September 18

Wicked Good Sunday

(adv.) Massachusettsian slang meaning "very"
(proper n.) musical of most EPIC proportions.

Example sentence: I saw Wicked today, and it was wicked awesome.
Today, in a summation, can be said to have been a most excellent day.
May I fanboy for a moment, please? Pleeeeease? 

Saturday, September 17

Last Saturday’s Charity Polo Event (Overdue Post)

Last Saturday, I went to a charity polo match with my friend Dannielle. It was really exciting, actually — probably because I had never before attended a match. I felt like it was a very Tale of Two Cities event — you know, the whole “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” ambivalence.

Thursday, September 15


Cathedral of Learning

Now, I'm normally not very keen on patterns (especially floral ones, at that). However, something about the colors caught my eye.

Wednesday, September 14

THE LOOK: the Casual Student

The beginning of the year is the best because many people dress to impress for back-to-school. However, a lot of the consideration and time that people spent on clothing will start to go towards schoolwork and extracurriculars. (Unfortunately, I'm far too vain to just stop prettying myself up, so I just end up waking up earlier to style myself. Thankfully, I decide my outfit the night before, so that's at least ready to go.)
 But fret not! Here's a quick solution to your worries:

The Casual Student

Tuesday, September 13

THE LOOK (Series)

In light of this being New York Fashion Week, I'm going to release my first post of "The Look" series soon. The idea of this series ("The Look") is that I'm going to share my looks and fashion ideas.

Be warned -- tastes constantly change, so one can never be too sure of what's coming up next.
Who can say what surprises are in store for the world?
All I know is that as fashion keeps changing, so will my imagination and ideas.

Snap and crackle, people.
I'll be checking in again shortly.

New York Fashion Week, Take 1

Julia with my espresso and scone
As many of you know, New York Fashion Week has started. Unfortunately, I've been too busy to follow up too much (I know, I know -- what kind of fashion-freak can I claim to be if I haven't even been able to handle the rudimentary task of keeping up with Fashion Week? In my defense, I've been swamped with work from professors who are under the impression that I have no class other than their own.
(But I'm working on keeping up with NYFW! I just need some time to get there.)

But after a nice and rather productive trip to Shadyside with my friend Julia, I went back home and took a little break. Since my sister was watching some of the shows, I tuned in and saw the works of Jill Stuart, Lacoste, and Vivienne Tam. We also recapped Jason Wu's collection before I stopped, knowing full well that I'd never get any more work done if I just kept watching.

Sunday, September 11


Cathedral of Learning

Rainy, Rainy Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh's been a bit rainy this week. Though it's been somewhat dreary, it's a nice change from the heat wave that we suffered last week due to the hurricane. Besides, I think the quiet drizzle is exactly what I've been needing -- just the rain and me, silent companions as we walk, anonymous beings in the crowds of rushing students.

I have a confession: I've never splashed in a puddle before.

I think that this is so cute -- I would totally photograph my daughter play in the rain.
It's been a good time to collect my thoughts.

ZARA (A Very Important Notice)

The US shopping website for Zara is going up today. Not that you didn't know, of course.
I was perusing with my sister, and THE SITE HAS SO MUCH THAT I WANT. You know, no big deal or anything. I'm just DYING with anticipation -- that's all.
If you haven't had the chance, check it out!

Seriously, they have quite a few things of taste in the collection. Keep your eyes peeled for the men's bags and shoes, for instance; they have quite a few choice pieces! So pretty, so pretty...

SPOTTED (series)

So here's the deal:
This blog is a collection of all things Pittsburgh: food, events, fashion, restaurants, hang-out spots, etc. If it sounds interesting, it'll (hopefully) end up on here.

Now, the SPOTTED series in this blog focuses on the street style.

I won't be calling you up to take a picture of you -- even if you're my friend, please don't expect any favoritism. But if I like what you're wearing (whether I find fascinating one item or the whole ensemble), chances are that I'll ask to take a picture of you.


Schenley Plaza

A New (School)Year

The fall semester begins today.
May I just say that I am completely freaking out, having an aneurysm, vomiting blood, etc.? My apartment is still a mess if ever I've seen one, and I have no idea what to do. It's death to the max, my friend.

Putting all of this aside, Oakland has once more become a pit of people. It came out of nowhere, I swear. (Check the internal rhyme, yo.)
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