Saturday, October 8

South Side Art, Flamenco

I went to my first flamenco performance yesterday. And it was pretty awesome, I have to admit. I had actually expected something super sensual, but it was all energy and fire -- a nice surprise.

Read more for some street art.

Earlier in the day, I had been biking towards H&M because I had promised my friend a shopping date. On my way, I saw some impromptu art hanging on the Hot Metal Bridge.

This string of bras stretched out from one side to the other.
I'm not sure what it is or is supposed to mean for either the audience or artist, but it's certainly not ordinary.
Someone had fun, it seems.

Later, I went to see the Omayra Amaya Flamenco Dance Company, and it was wonderful.


After the performance, each person gave a little extra dance
as an encore. Here, Omayra's just clapping away for the singer.
Isn't that just cute?
Each person of the troupe was amazing. Omayra, of course, was superb with her dancing. The singer was also really good, and the guitarist (who had some really crazy-fast playing) and percussion man (who operated the drums, cymbals, dangling chimes, and the cajón) were phenomenal.
It was a great performance.

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