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RE: "The 40 Worst-Dressed Cities in America" (GQ)

Over the summer, I came across an article from Gentleman's Quarterly called "The 40 Worst-Dressed Cities in America." After seeing this title, I was bound to read it.

#40 Boulder, CO
For the list and more details, click away!
I think you'll be interested.

(Disclaimer: Feel free to skip this list and start reading from the paragraphs onward.)
40. Boulder, CO
39. Nashville
38. Bristol, CT
37. Kansas City, MO
36. Portland
35. Raleigh
34. Seattle
33. Asbury Park, NJ
32. Omaha
31. Detroit
30. Cleveland
29. Newport Beach
28. Burlington, VT
27. San Diego
26. Orlando
25. Buffalo
24. Saint Paul, MN
23. Dallas
22. Wasilla, AK
21. Houston
20. San Francisco
19. Jersey Shore
18. Austin
17. Atlanta
16. Santa Fe
15. Provo, UT
14. Martha's Vineyard
13. Las Vegas
12. New Orleans
11. Brooklyn
10. St. Louis
9. Miami
8. Salt Lake City
7. Maui
6. Philadephia
5. Manhattan
4. Chicago

Now for the important part:

Guess who was in third place? Naturally, none other than Pittsburgh. (Hey, you suspected that I was going somewhere with this piece! I didn't mention this article for no reason, you know...)
Don't believe me? See it with your own eyes, or check out the image below
Yep, that really just happened: Pittsburgh's offensive attire (shield your children's eyes! Or -- better yet --
use your common sense, and don't wear that) went public for all of America to see and judge.

Pittsburgh's outranked only by Los Angeles (runner-up) and Boston (winner).
The Pittsburgh style was accused mainly -- and not completely incorrectly, at that -- of sloppy looks linked mainly to sports fanaticism (engulfing jerseys, tube socks, baggy jean shorts, untamed facial hair, etc.). And you know, I'm not at all upset by it; I think of this as excellent motivation for Pittsburgh to change. Also, I think I'd add to the list of offenses:
  • scanty leggings as pants
    This is especially unfair when someone's top cuts off above the butt... and when she doesn't wear underwear, which, yes, has happened before. (I will take this time right now to remind everyone that we do not pay tuition to see those kinds of horrors.)
    Ruling: This is unacceptable. Leggings do not substitute for pants (I will listen to the argument for jeggings or leather leggings, despite how they mystify me), and it is highly inappropriate (especially if you enter the workplace). Imagine if you get caught in a most unfortunate zipper accident (it's been known to happen) -- what other option would you have than to rush home in your panties and ripped leggings for all to see? Don't put yourself in that risk!
  • athleticwear
    This is mainly a combination of basketball shorts, bro T-shirts (T-shirts which have the sleeves and/or neckline cut off. This may or may not have modifications -- without attention to proper tailoring -- which lengthen the sleeve to extend to the near-bottom of the shirt), tube socks, and sneakers. If that's what you wear at the gym or in transit, that's fine. But it seems somewhat shoddy to see this in class except in cases where you are coming from the gym, dojo, or dance studio. (For instance, someone I know has a dance class in the middle of her school day and doesn't have time to change before she has to head out.)
    Ruling: This isn't so terrible, though I posit that it's somewhat sloppy. (Why are you in class? Shouldn't you be exercising?) However, I understand the limitation of menswear, which makes this less offensive to me than others may find it. Still, I wonder about it... I mean, I don't care that you want to show off your toned arms and broad chest, but the classroom and library are hardly the right places for sartotial mating calls and courtship rituals.
  • the North Face look
    This is mainly the check out my North Face jacket, sweatpants (or leggings), Ugg boots, and Vera Bradley wristlet (or, less often, the bag) look.
    Ruling: This is also not so bad. However, it's very manufactured and hopelessly common -- to the point where I'll be scanning the crowd to see if I can find anyone's picture to take, and I'll skip over them automatically. (I know -- I'm awful. In my defense, it's a subconscious thing!) My brain just goes, "Another one. SKIP."
Please know I'm not saying that these looks are not comfortable or that they're not "in" -- well, more like "clichéd" at times. However, I don't know that they should be the norm. Mainly, if not only, because we can all do better than that.

I may currently be in Pittsburgh, but I won't let GQ's article frighten me. I've got a lot to offer, after all. (Also, I've never worn any Pittsburgh athletic gear in the first place -- I guess I dodged that bullet!)
So let's prove GQ wrong, I say. Bring out your best! Be fearless! Be tasteful! Be a fashion revolution!

So snap and crackle, Pittsburghers! Get aboard your fashion train!

Sources:GQ, Huffington Post

P. S. Know what's sad? I have ties to two of the three worst-dressed cities: Pittsburgh and Boston. I basically grew up in Massachusetts and went to Boston almost weekly until I got too busy in high school. And now I'm in Pittsburgh. Thankfully, my only connection to California (my cousin) doesn't really count (because she doesn't live in LA), else I'd be three for three.

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