Wednesday, December 7

Surprise from H&M

On Friday, I received a package from the deliveryman. I was surprised because I had never had anything delivered to me by DHL, because the package was heavy, and because it had been shipped from Sweden. For a moment, I thought about all of the packages I was awaiting from my shopping extravaganzas during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but I couldn't remember ordering anything that weighed so much.
Well, I signed off on it anyways, and I opened it up as soon as I found something sharp enough to cut through the plastic bindings.
Lo and behold, I saw this once I opened the box:

I had taken H&M's quiz (about their collaborations with designers) and was one of the 100 winners. As a prize, they were sending out copies of 100 Contemporary Fashion Designers printed by Taschen and edited by Terry Jones. Well, I had been anticipating the arrival of this beautiful child, but I quickly forgot about it because of the impending doom that finals (well, mainly final projects and research papers) spell out. So when this heavy but beautiful thing arrived at my door, I was completely surprised.
I haven't looked through the two volumes yet (I'm waiting for hell to end before I can sit down and devour them), but I can tell you now that 60 dollars will buy you, if nothing else, a pair of glamorous books that will coyly beg you to read their bright and beautiful pages.

"Read me! Read me!" they keep shouting to me.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have an awful week ahead of me. I've already received a tupperware with S.O.S. cookies from a friend and sent out urgent reminders to another friend to text me encouraging statements at random times.
Finals week is a dark, dark place, and I shan't be leaving it for a week, so please bear with me. I may not post for a week, but this blog isn't dead! Not yet! I've only just begun! But it may be going a week-long... hibernation. Yes, a hibernation.

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