Tuesday, September 27

Pittsburgh Fashion Week: Day 2 // THE LOOK: Nautical Blues

It's the second day of Pittsburgh Fashion Week!
I hope you're all dressing up!

Here's Tuesday's look: Nautical Blues

Details about this look and tonight's fashion show below!

It only hit me this morning (at 2 AM) just how busy and screwed I am with my deadlines and tasks for this week, but I'm working on it! I'm working on it...
Busy as I am, I really shouldn't be heading out tonight, but my friend and I are set on attending tonight's ManStyle Fashion Show in the Heinz History Center and have been anticipating it for a while now. I'm not sure how it will be since I don't know much about Pittsburgh design/designers and its fashion culture in general, but what better way to find out than to attend?
So regardless of how terrible my week is, I'm going. It'll be worth it, right? I mean, I won't get another chance (I assume) for a long while, and I will regret missing it even more wholeheartedly than I will regret going.
So it's justified, yes?
(Cry, cry. Sob, sob.)

In the meantime (as I bemoan my week), here's Tuesday's look!
Nautical Blues
Sorry to look so grumpy... I've been stressed?
I swear I'm a nice guy!

 What you need:
  • Nautical-striped shirt
  • Solid outerwear
  • Dark pants

Simple! Just thick stripes, a blazer, and dark bottoms. (In my case I'm wearing navy and blue stripes; a black oversize, unstructured blazer; and black skinny jeans.)
I love this look. Mainly because I am crazy -- abso-mofo-lutely lunatic -- for nautical stripes paired with solid-color outerwear. But it's also so simple, so carefree, so blasé. Yet it looks so put-together at almost no expense of effort!

The best part of this look is its versatility.
For instance, let's talk shoes. The lighting's a little bit bad, so I don't know if you can tell that I'm wearing a pair of shiny brass shoes. (This is to help with the gold accents that my bag will have tonight.) However, you can even go a little crazy with the look since it's so neutral, so I may make a last-minute decision to switch into bright red shoes before I head out to tonight's show.

Anyways, I've got lots of work to do, so I'll catch you all later.
Snap and crackle, kiddos.

1 comment:

  1. Love it. I'm a HUGE sucker for nautical themes. Design of the shoes fits in perfectly, plus the brass lightens up the mood of the navy.
    Have fun at the show!
    <3, Nicole


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