Wednesday, September 14

THE LOOK: the Casual Student

The beginning of the year is the best because many people dress to impress for back-to-school. However, a lot of the consideration and time that people spent on clothing will start to go towards schoolwork and extracurriculars. (Unfortunately, I'm far too vain to just stop prettying myself up, so I just end up waking up earlier to style myself. Thankfully, I decide my outfit the night before, so that's at least ready to go.)
 But fret not! Here's a quick solution to your worries:

The Casual Student

What you need:
  • Button-down
  • Sweater cardigan/Oversize cardigan
  • Belt
  • Khaki shorts
  • Plimsoll shoes
Honestly, this look is very easy to put on and pull off. If you're in a jam for time or just want to be comfortable without sacrificing style, this is a definite go-to look.
Some people would prefer to have tighter shorts just to give it a more finished look, but I personally like to keep these elements oversize because it just says, "Oh, this look? Thanks. I just put on the first things I saw." What a sneaky liar, right?

Here, you can see my band-aid on my left knee. Unfortunate, I know.
But we all have our clumsy days, and for me that's every day.

On a final note, I'm absolutely swamped with work and will have to take a rain check on updating about my weekend and New York Fashion Week. But I promise that they will occur! I promise, I promise, I promise!
'Til then, please bear with me!

Snap and crackle, people.

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