Sunday, November 27

RE: "Street Fashion Photography Is Messing with Me" (Thought Catalog)

Chelsea Fagan from Thought Catalog has beef with street-style photography. The way it's gone, she argues, isn't really suited for the average person -- it's no longer about real, everyday people.
And she makes some good points... And some that I'd like to contest.

"WHO ARE YOU?" she'd ask.

The story below.
Click it, yo.
(That was a rhyme. It's so sublime. Ahaha.)

Friday, November 25

Black Thanksgiving Friday (Wait-- What?)

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving and Black Friday!

Thanksgiving is usually a huge affair, but I had a wonderfully small celebration this time around.
On Wednesday, I went to my friend's for a small get-together (which had wonderful food, the highlights being the most beautiful and scrumptious pumpkin bars I've ever tasted and a delicate cranberry salsa).
And yesterday (Thanksgiving) was spent at home with a tiny dinner with my sister. Nothing big -- veggies, stuffing, meat, mashed potatoes. Yup-yup. And we watched The Fall, which had some very pretty cinematography and (best of all) excellent costuming. I wasn't impressed with the actual plot, but you should at least check out the costuming if you haven't seen it. (It also apparently appeared in the 17th Annual Art of Motion Picture Costume Design Exhibition.)
I'll leave the trailer for you later in the post.

This is Charles Darwin in The Fall.
He's in a bowler hat. And a red fur coat. And riding boots.
I love his hat. I love his coat. And I love his riding boots.

I will be getting this look someday, you mark my words.
(Problem: I have always loved riding boots but have yet to find any I like...)

Today, I went and celebrated Black Friday with some shopping. Let me tell you -- H&M was wonderful with their scratch-offs for their first customers. Well... except for the part where I got $10 (which I think was perhaps the least anyone could win), and the woman behind me got $200. I felt a part of me die inside, and I wanted to just grab her scratch-off and cradle it in my arms forever. (Sob, sob.) But I ended having a lovely shopping time anyways, so I guess all was well.
The best news of all (for this weekend) is that I will be buying my camera! Not that I really have time to do photo shoots during this semester, but I've been saving up since the summer. And now, I've reached my goal and can buy my pretty camera! I'm excited, wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

And now, as promised! The trailer:

Sources: The Fall on (I know there aren't many pictures, but you can Google it if you're interested!), YouTube

P. S. I'm sorry if this post is erratic and doesn't make sense. I'm exhausted from all of the reading and writing I've been doing for classes. (Also, I've been waking up at 3 or 4 AM every morning to get my work done, and I believe that this decision has shattered my circadian rhythm.)

Sunday, November 20

SPOTTED (little details)

Fifth Avenue

Click for more details!

Monday, November 14

Video out for The Very Best of Versace for H&M

So. You all know how I've been freaking out about The Very Best of Versace for H&M (Winter 2011), Versace's team-up with H&M? Well, they finally released their promotional video a few days ago, so here you are:

The video's kinda weird and chilling (creepy, even?), but it's really nifty. I am especially a fan of the background music, which is just erratic and fanciful. The concept behind the promotional video is also really amusing and cool. FUN.
I still wish I had the opportunity to attend any of the recent promotional events or to even just buy some of the clothes, but I'm holding out because I am determined to get my DSLR (which will happen by the end of this month, yay! All of my hard work shall pay off).
But I guess there are other future H&M collaborations to which I can look forward, so I'll just have to suck it up and be patient.

But remember, all of you who are lucky enough to be near an H&M that will sell this line, that it drops on November 19th in America! Check it, yo!

Source: the Versace for H&M video on H&M's YouTube channel

Sunday, November 13


Schenley Plaza

Click for more!

Friday, November 11

Your Carine Roitfeld Update: The Client

Have you seen this?
It's Carine Roitfeld on W magazine's website!
It's a nice, little blurb about, The Client, the recent documentary on Carine Roitfeld, (recently resigned) ex-editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris.

Check it's out after the jump! (It's just 13 minutes, so you have no reason to watch it! I mean it -- watch it!)

Wednesday, November 9


Hillman Library

Good heavens. You know that academia has your life wrapped around its finger when the brunt of recent photos have been from the same place (namely, the Hill Man's lair). But at least that's where all them coo' kids seem to be, haha.

The subject of this blog post has an interesting story, actually. She once had also been considering running a fashion blog here in Pittsburgh! It's really nifty what one can find out with a little conversation, haha.
Anyways, I like that she looks daring -- the hair, the harem pants (which are hard to photograph well since they look better in motion, grrrrr...), the prints, the boots. She just seems like such an interesting character!

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Monday, November 7


I am in love with slip-ons. Tassels are an especially nice touch.
Hillman Library

I like a guy who's got a clean look; it's a nice break to see that some people aren't afraid to wear tuck in their shirt and get to work.

Saturday, November 5

pittstylevincent LOVES: attitude (and How to Get Photographed)

Aside from the actual outfit, one of the things that really strikes me about the people I ask to photograph for the SPOTTED series is how they wear their clothes. I've seen some people who are wearing outfits I've liked, but sometimes they don't seem to have the attitude, the persona.

Click for more!

Thursday, November 3


South Craig Street

I loved the way the woman's outfit moved when she walked. Sadly, I didn't think to ask her for a walking picture (mainly because my camera doesn't take good freeze-frame pictures unless the lighting is excessively sunny). In any case, I also love the vibrant colors of the little girl.
Overall, a lovely sight for a rainy day.
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