Sunday, October 30

THE LOOK: Studying Sweats // Club Hillman

As promised (in this post), I'm updating with a post for THE LOOK.

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So I rarely ever wear sweatpants. To me, they're usually just a sign of laziness, of choosing comfort over style. Granted, I believe in exceptions (especially if they're J. Crew), so I'm not one to hardcore judge... if it's done intentionally as opposed to out of pure laziness. That being said, this will (if I continue with my trend of almost never wearing sweatpants -- in public, at least) very likely be one of the rare moments in which you catch me in them.
But here, I've tucked in my sweatpants into my high-tops and got my layerin' on. It's getting cold, after all!

Man, I love these shoes.

Anyways, I've been crashing the library like a madman. Within the next week and a half, everything will be hitting me in three's -- exams, papers, and proposals. This being said, I may end up becoming (even more of) a hermit, haha.
The sad part is that I've spent so much time just hitting the books that I'm starting to enter my angsty phase where I start hating on everything around me, grrrrrr. But I look forward to the end of this semester, where I'll have less on my plate. Moreover, Christmas break will hopefully see me with a lot of happy developments, including a DSLR (so close -- I can almost taste it!), DIY projects (which I fully intend to complete once I have time), and a well-deserved vacation. I don't know where my break will find me, but I fully intend to get some relaxation in, which may include some pleasure-reading and traipsing through the city without feeling guilty? (Egads! Is it possible?)

Anyways, I'll try to get some posts up when I'm free or at least queue them up!

It's poppin' up in Club Hillman, haha. Party on.
Snap and crackle.
(And stay warm!)

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