Wednesday, October 5

DIY: Khaki Tote

I kept promising to post the results of my exciting projects, so here you are: the khaki tote. Made from old pants I had.
Oh no, he didn't!
Um, yes. Yes, I did!

Click to read more! I promise that you won't regret it!

So I had a pair of old khaki pants from high school. They were huge since my parents had expected to me grow and fill out way more than I did, and one of the legs was frayed at the bottom.
And as I looked at them, all folded (which is actually somewhat rare for my clothes because I roll all of my clothes except for those that are on hangers) and nice, I came up with an idea: a tote bag,
Rear view!

So I planned it out for a while and got more and more excited when I thought of all of the things that I wanted to do with the tote bag.
I kept the integrity of the pants -- I especially wanted to keep the functionality of the pockets. So I made a pattern and measured everything out. And then I made the shell and created a lining as well. This was a little tricky since I also wanted to be able to use the fly as a nifty feature. So I had to make sure that the lining fit properly. And so I hand-stitched that onto the shell and then hand-stitched the straps onto the bag as well. I wanted extra support for the soft handle portion of the straps, so I sewed strips of a belt into the middle.
And voilà -- a new accessory that doubles as massive carrying space and a great conversation-starter!

Snap and crackle.
See? You can even unzip it to open up the mouth of the tote bag further!
What is that awesome insanity?
If you pay attention, you can see me using it here:

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