Monday, September 26

Pittsburgh Fashion Week: Day 1 // THE LOOK: Scholboy with a Twist

Hey, guys. It's the second annual Pittsburgh Fashion Week, and I hope you're all dressing your best!

I still have been super busy and whatnot, but I promise that I'm still working on lots of projects (some in the making and some finished) to post. They're exiting and wonderful, so keep your eyes peeled throughout the week because I'm hoping to be on top of this throughout Fashion Week here.

And here's Monday's Look: Schoolboy with a Twist

Click below to read more. You know you want to!

Schoolboy with a Twist
And now you see the difference between flash and no flash. But I'm saving up for a new
camera, so please bear with me for a while.
Get the look:
  • Undershirt (colorful)
  • Button-down (neutral)
  • Oversize blazer (colorful)
  • Shorts (neutral)
  • Belt
  • Plimsoll shoes
I love the preppy schoolboy look. It's nostalgic, chic, classic, and proven to work; at the same time, it's playful and has so much room for creativity.
After all, who says school has to be boring? Have some fun!

Snap and crackle, kids.

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