Thursday, December 29

Black Friday: the Aftermath (Pt. 2)

In continuation of my spree on Black Friday (although this was technically later since I didn't realize that an 18 - 55 mm lens would only go as far as my foot), I ordered this beauty as well.

It's a 55 - 300 mm lens which allows me to take pictures without being ridiculously close to the subject. I can actually zoom in on things with this lens! Yay!
For an example, check out the pictures after the jump!

Monday, December 26

THE LOOK: Christmas Blues

I'm finally back in business, and I'm armed with a DSLR this time. I went out to take pictures today, which my sister calls "being vain." (Falsehood, by the way. It's not being vain -- it's looking like a tool. But alas, what can you do?)
Anyways, here's the look.

The description's after the jump, so click away!

Wednesday, December 21

Black Friday: the Aftermath (Pt. 1)

I'm not dead! Look, look! I'm alive!
I apologize for my negligence, but I was having a very busy week and needed time to sort things out even after. (Who said that the busywork ends with vacation? I still have so many more errands to run.)
Anyways, here's a post for you all.

So I went shopping on Black Friday -- mainly online shopping, as I didn't really have the time to go around to different stores and look around, sadface. Anyways, I got a ton of things, and this is one of them:

Why, hello there. How are you today, beautiful?
It's a Nikon D5100. Finally, I have a DSLR after months of saving up! I'm super excited, and you'd best know it. It's probably the item that made me happiest out of all of my purchases.

It's neither the most colorful nor the most eye-popping item out of everything, but you can't deny that it's streamlined, sexy, and sleek. I can't wait to use this beauty, but I'm currently waiting for a reader for memory cards and a 55-300mm lens so that I can take pictures without needing this DSLR super close to the subject.

This being said, look forward to beautiful pictures -- I am going to abuse this camera with endless picture-taking!
I can't wait! It's like I'm bursting from joy.

Snap and crackle, kids. I'm back in session.

Who knew that so much happiness could come in so small a package? Joy of joys, my friends.
P. S. I have a penchant for nicknaming possessions dear to me. Any ideas?

Wednesday, December 7

Surprise from H&M

On Friday, I received a package from the deliveryman. I was surprised because I had never had anything delivered to me by DHL, because the package was heavy, and because it had been shipped from Sweden. For a moment, I thought about all of the packages I was awaiting from my shopping extravaganzas during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but I couldn't remember ordering anything that weighed so much.
Well, I signed off on it anyways, and I opened it up as soon as I found something sharp enough to cut through the plastic bindings.
Lo and behold, I saw this once I opened the box:

I had taken H&M's quiz (about their collaborations with designers) and was one of the 100 winners. As a prize, they were sending out copies of 100 Contemporary Fashion Designers printed by Taschen and edited by Terry Jones. Well, I had been anticipating the arrival of this beautiful child, but I quickly forgot about it because of the impending doom that finals (well, mainly final projects and research papers) spell out. So when this heavy but beautiful thing arrived at my door, I was completely surprised.
I haven't looked through the two volumes yet (I'm waiting for hell to end before I can sit down and devour them), but I can tell you now that 60 dollars will buy you, if nothing else, a pair of glamorous books that will coyly beg you to read their bright and beautiful pages.

"Read me! Read me!" they keep shouting to me.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have an awful week ahead of me. I've already received a tupperware with S.O.S. cookies from a friend and sent out urgent reminders to another friend to text me encouraging statements at random times.
Finals week is a dark, dark place, and I shan't be leaving it for a week, so please bear with me. I may not post for a week, but this blog isn't dead! Not yet! I've only just begun! But it may be going a week-long... hibernation. Yes, a hibernation.

Friday, December 2

RE: "Marry the Night" (Lady Gaga Does It Again)

So I knew that Lady Gaga's video for "Marry the Night" would be premiering last night in conjunction with the Grammy Awards. But I put myself on a distractions ban earlier this week and promised myself that I'd not allow myself to go on YouTube and other distracting sites until my semester (and my finals) ends. And I was doing really well with it, even in spite of reading her tantalizing tweet about the video's release last night.

But I just caved in because people keep talking about Lady Gaga's video. And so it turns out that I can't even last for one day after the premier to watch it, much less a span of more than two weeks.

So here it is, ladies and gentlemen:

Read more below!

Thursday, December 1

pittstylevincent LOVES: The Sing-Off (Season Three) Finale

I was introduced to the NBC program The Sing-Off only this year by my friend who is in an a cappella (popularly spelled "acappella" as well) group. Now, I've always been a fan of this type of music, so I was excited to find out about the existence of an a cappella competition on TV. (The unfortunate part is that I only found out about it during this year, its third season. Why did no one let me know sooner?) Of course, I knew that I'd have no time to watch the show, but my sister has, fortuitously, been taken hostage by The Sing-Off's allure and would constantly rave about each show when I got home on Monday nights. And so I'd find myself playing their songs as musical ambiance for my studies throughout the week (and feeling judged by everyone else in the library as I'd unminimize my internet browser to hit the play button again).

Sadly, Monday night was the finale of the third season.
I still want to hear more, though!
Now, what is this article doing on a fashion blog? Well, I main want to encourage you to watch it and fall in love with both Pentatonix and the Dartmouth Aires (though Pentatonix absolutely reigns supreme in my heart), but that's not really relevant. But I'll recap some of this season's awesome outfits, so it's okay, right?

Click to read more!
And I promise: I won't have any spoilers for any of you who haven't watched it!
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