Friday, November 11

Your Carine Roitfeld Update: The Client

Have you seen this?
It's Carine Roitfeld on W magazine's website!
It's a nice, little blurb about, The Client, the recent documentary on Carine Roitfeld, (recently resigned) ex-editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris.

Check it's out after the jump! (It's just 13 minutes, so you have no reason to watch it! I mean it -- watch it!)

Anyways, the article. Check it, guys.
And more importantly, check out the film itself, The Client! (Remember -- it's only 13 minutes. You can spare the time for this! And you have no excuses!)
It follows Carine Roitfeld as, not an editor-in-chief, but a client during fashion week in Paris Couture Week this year.
Please do watch it -- it's short and splendid.

Sources: W magazine

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