Sunday, September 18

Wicked Good Sunday

(adv.) Massachusettsian slang meaning "very"
(proper n.) musical of most EPIC proportions.

Example sentence: I saw Wicked today, and it was wicked awesome.
Today, in a summation, can be said to have been a most excellent day.
May I fanboy for a moment, please? Pleeeeease? 

Funny enough, the day actually started off to a rather terrible start. As I was walking home at 8 in the morning, I came across a pigeon on the skywalk. Mind you, this pigeon was just there in an enclosed dead end (think tunnel), pecking at what looked like French fries. And so I, as much as I find them abhorrent, took pity on this poor pigeon which was clearly cornered in this entrapment. I decided to try shooing it away to the other end of the long tunnel. And it was working for a few feet when I looked a little farther away and squealed. Because there was just this other pigeon, except it was keeled over. So I walked over until I saw that it was lying on the ground, surrounded by flecks of red pools which may or may not have been blood. And it was just... there. And it didn't move.
So I looked over at the other bird, which was just chilling complacently. And it just looked at me and shot me Whatddya want, man? kind of look. Then it dawned on me that it might have been the bird murderer. And so I just peaced because I didn't want that freaky bird to kill me, too.
Dead pigeon. In its blood. In an enclosed skywalk. At 8 AM.
Hardly what I'd have imagined for the beginning of my dream day.
So that was the beginning of my most wonderful day.
The rest of my morning and afternoon went in a mostly meh fashion -- lots of work to do, etc. (You know the drill.) It was especially difficult to get work done since I had been waiting for YEARS UPON YEARS to see Wicked. Seriously, I fell in love with the soundtrack ages ago but had never been to see it. (I know, I know -- it's about time. But I had an Asian upbringing, so it's not my fault!)

Thankfully, the evening came at last, and I got to the Benedum Center, where I picked up my tickets. I was shaking as soon as I got to my seat. Those years of anticipation were just waiting to burst through my skin. 
Stage set before the show. The excitement made me shiver.
Anyways, the show blew my mind. Hardcore blew my mind.
I wasn't really all that impressed with the people who were playing G(a)linda and Fiyero, but Elphaba stole my heart. She just sang her heart out, and I was tearing up throughout the play because I'm just a sap. So good, so good, so good.
So much in this picture warrants complaint,
but I at least have photo proof that I was there. 

I left the Center with this sense of immense gratification -- kind of like that sense of joy when you realize that you lost five pounds since you last weighed in even though you didn't consciously diet. Yes, it was that good. (Though it's never happened for me, sadface.)

Anyways, I don't think that any more that I say will really do Wicked justice, so I'll just leave you with this: go see it if you haven't yet.
Anyways, that's all for now since I have lots to do (as per usual). But you know, I don't regret the hours of sleep that I'll miss due to me seeing the show. Because you couldn't even pay me to regret that experience.
So snap and crackle, people. I'll see you on the other side, sun.

Sorry for the crappy photo quality, by the way. These were taken by my phone -- what can I say?

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