Tuesday, January 31

THE LOOK: Disco Days

As promised, I've started bringing my camera and tripod with me and have been snapping photos when I have time.
Last night, I chose a place that was pretty abandoned rather than blinding everyone with my camera's insane flash. However, I still had to stop to let people by at times, and I swear that they were a little scared of the weird kid jumping and dancing around while taking pictures of himself. It's still somewhat embarrassing, but I've found -- as expected -- that it's not a completely paralyzing experience. Sure, I wish they'd not give me weird looks, but I guess it's only fair -- what else can someone do when s/he encounters someone who's bouncing around the street?

Anyways, let's discuss THE LOOK!
I can't quite place my finger on it, but this outfit made me think of the 70's disco era.
Is it the blazer? Is it the shiny gold belt? I don't know, but it an unknown something that makes me happy.

Like this.
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As I was walking around, I was glad that I chose my outfit; I've been feeling kind of down and lethargic lately since it's been so chilly, but this outfit gave me a certain energy. I hadn't really planned for that, so it was an auspicious turn of events, really. It's funny what an outfit can do for your spirits, no?

Sometimes, I wish I had some fashion-blogger friends so that it would be a lot more fun and less awkward to start snapping photos. And it would be a lot easier than taking a tripod with me, but I guess that I have to make do with what I have.
But you know, I have to say that I don't really care that people shoot me weird looks when they see me taking pictures of myself. I just need to take the first few photos, and then I'm all set. Courage just needs to get the momentum going, right?

Anyways, I need to constantly remind myself of my mantra: Life's too short to be boring.
Normal is boring. Why not dress up? Why not dance in public? (Okay, okay. So I do that already...)
Life's too short to be boring.

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