Sunday, January 22

The Problem with Winter

Winter is now certainly upon Pittsburgh., and I find it a predicament.
This could get a little problematic.
Though I love layering, I can't find a way to take pictures since I will certainly catch pneumonia and die if I should try taking pictures outside. So that's not really a feasible option, especially considering how my immune system regularly decides to hate me at the most inopportune moments (and I don't take care of myself as well as I'd like to).
And so the other option is to take pictures indoors, where there are lots of people who will stop to stare at me if I make a spectacle of myself by taking pictures of myself. This is feasible, but I'm really shy and self-conscious. Ergo, this would embarrass me like nothing else.
However, I'm hurting for content for my blog (hence the current schedule of two blogs per week), and I need photos.

So I guess this is my declaration of action: I shall sally forth through the wintry cold of embarrassment! For the sake of this blog, I shall feel like a tool! And maybe -- if I'm lucky -- I'll grow desensitized to people's stares as time passes.
Life waits for no one, so I need to do things myself if I want them done.

At times like these, it would be easier to have someone photograph me instead.
So if you see me acting self-conscious and taking pictures of myself in public, feel free to ignore me or give a greeting. Or you could also, you know, point and laugh.

Stay warm, kids.

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