Thursday, January 19


Centre Avenue

Who says that people only dress up in the city? Even grocery shopping, some people will dress to impress!

I saw this man while running quick grocery errands for someone one day, and I was very taken with his slacks (and matching cap). Aren't they a rich and beautiful shade of aqua?
This man's name is Aru Cralle, and he creates staves. The staff that he is holding, in fact, is one he created by himself. Impressive, no?

I always love seeing people nurture their sense of personal aesthetics in the everyday world. I think it's easy to dress up when you're going to an event, but I'm always impressed when other people choose to dress up each day.
Every day is a new day with the promises of opportunity and chance, and the world is my stage -- everyone is my audience, and I am likewise part of your audience.
Life's too short to be boring!

P. S. I didn't have my camera with me, and the camera on my phone doesn't quite do him justice. Please forgive me!

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