Wednesday, May 2

THE LOOK: Summer Dreams

I realize that it's been a while since my last post, and I apologize for that. Last week was finals week, and the week before had all of my pre-finals projects.
I also may or may not have had a crisis that was spurred by one of the more overwhelming classes of my semester. (And not that I'd be embarrassed because I just admitted that to you all or anything, ahaha... haha... ha...)

But here is a long overdue post, and, more specifically, one under THE LOOK section:

More after the jump, as usual!

For THE LOOK this time, I did some color blocking. It just felt right since it was such a nice day. Of course, the weather has been temperamental for the past few weeks or so, but it finally feels like summer might be coming. Then again, I may just be hopelessly dreaming about summer and wishing it were here. But you have to have a little faith, no?

And it was exciting to finally wear my Lands' End boat shoes. They're a little less structured than I expected  (the material
is very soft and pliable -- it doesn't feel so much like a shoe as much as mere thick fabric encasing your feet), but I like them.

Speaking of summer... Finals have finally ended (THANK THE HEAVENS), and vacation has never tasted as sweet. Or maybe I'd just forgotten how good it felt to not have to worry about impending papers and projects. (Yeck.)
Of course, I had wanted to work this summer, but no one really wanted to hire someone who'd only be in town for a month. So it seems that I have all of May (or at least until I need to fly out for my summer program abroad)  to relax and do things that I normally don't get to do during the school year -- pleasure-read, hang out with friends, cook, and sleep... like a normal human being.The prospect of a relatively calm May makes me happy.

Except -- oh, wait -- I realized just how much I had to do before leaving, and then I cried a little.
I need to clean the post-apocalyptic mess that finals left in my apartment.
I need to run a ton of errands since I didn't have time for them during the semester (and now they're looming over me).
I need to better learn a bunch of skills before I leave -- like using Photoshop and working HTML.
And I need to brush up on Japanese before I peace out to Tokyo. (Oh, yeah. That could be important...)

In other words, my summer feels as if it's just an extension of the semester, and I have little time for the other projects that I wanted to accomplish during the summer. And I'm left to wonder if the tasks in my life will ever end.

Do I feel pressured by the expectations people have of me? Or is it all because of my own neuroses? Will I ever relax?
I don't think I have the answers -- I guess we'll find out in a few years. I'll let you know then.

This is what happens -- I stress myself out beyond reason and then resort to ridiculous antics in order to cope.
(Note: I don't think my friend knows that I'm using this picture. I hope she doesn't mind too much, haha.)

Until then, let's just do our best to enjoy life, eh?

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  1. Ooh! I didn't know you were going to Japan! For the term or just the summer? And congrats on surviving finals week!


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