Friday, May 4


Forbes Avenue

I like the sort of hardy look of this outfit. I don't know if I'd go so far as to say that it's rugged, but there's a certain sturdiness to this outfit, like someone could wear it to a bunch of places.
Like, "Hey. I'm gonna go do some lumberjack work." (Okay. That was a weird example.)
Maybe it's the boots. I'm not sure, but I like it.

But funny story:
When this person walked by, I immediately saw the cut of the jeans. Not the jeans themselves, the boots, or the orange belt. No, I spotted the fit. (I literally said to myself, "Look! Jeans that look tailored!")
I think this is a testament to what a creeper I've become. (No, really. Whenever I have my camera, my eyes are constantly darting around to find outfits I like. People probably think I'm some sort of sketchy kid just eying everyone up.) But in my defense, I took the picture because I saw the belt afterwards.

So cheers to being a creeper, I guess! Life's better with your eyes open, so I'd rather be labeled a sketch than miss out on all of the pretty things in life.

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