Saturday, May 12

THE ROUNDUP: The Last Huzzah

I'm sure I've said this way too many times already, but it's been a busy few weeks. And for that, what would be better than a photo recap?

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At the end of the semester, the entire campus was still anxious because the bomb threats hadn't stopped yet. But that didn't stop some people from enjoying their last days of the school year.

I never really realized how diverse Pitt's population was until this day. I saw people playing football...

And then heard bagpipers on campus.

And saw gladiators.

And then noticed people with Lolita style.

And then more Lolita-inspired people. Who knew Pitt had so many different cultural sensibilities?

Thankfully, the bomb threats largely stopped in finals week. It was a little frustrating because we still haven't found the perpetrator (to my knowledge, at least), but at least they've ended.
And we survived -- that's the important thing.

Anyone who knows me will know that I bake when I'm stressed (or pulling an all-nighter).

And then finals ended, and it was finally time to relax. Amidst all of the errands and cleaning I had to do after finals, I finally took a break and enjoyed the company of some friends.

For instance, I experienced the art of mate, which is a sort of beverage enjoyed by some in South America. So after a nice dinner with friends, it was a study in a really wonderful tradition of caffeinated drinks.

They made me go first, and it was nerve-wracking because I didn't know what I was supposed to do.

And then I had a nice Costco playdate with my friends and a trip to the Strip District with another friend. Because what else are you going to do but finally go buy groceries after two semesters of an almost all-chocolate diet?

There may or may not have been some curb-loitering involved.
And drawing with crayons. Because I can.

And to celebrate the end of April and of the semester (good riddance, junior year!), I took my friend out to brunch as a reward for us -- me, for miraculously surviving yet another year and her, for earning her black belt!
And, of course, no brunch is ever complete without some frolicking afterwards. We needed to go on an excursion to help us digest all of the food we ate, if nothing else.

There's some sort of hollowed-out tree with a spine -- abstract art?
The safety pins don't look very safe, though.

My friends and I love dandelions. Can you tell?

And that was the end of my April. Another school year down, another one to go.

What was the purpose of this post?
Well, as I said before, I'm leaving for Tokyo to do a language-intensive program for the summer. And so I wanted to put up some posts about Pittsburgh before I head off to magical adventures (which will probably involve food. Because I'm mainly excited for the cuisine in Asia. Are my priorities wrong?).
Also, this sets up my next post, which you all can look forward to read in a few days.
(And maybe I had a lot of photos, and I just wanted to put them up. Just maybe.)
Don't be hatin'.

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  1. Ahaha, Pittsburgh truly is awesomely diverse when you look closely :)


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