Sunday, April 15

The Trouble with Fashion Blogging (Pt. 2)

When I read my post about GQ's "The 40 Worst-Dressed Cities in America," I worry that I come off as nasty. And so I think I should make clear my stance on Pittsburgh fashion. For those who haven't seen it yet, you should really check out my blog post about it (and the article itself or the article's blurb on Pittsburgh, at least).

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Now, you've heard my spiel about see-through leggings and how I find it unfair to everyone. (I mean, let's begin with how I certainly have no interest in anything in being acquainted with a total stranger's nether region, whether that be her panties or lack thereof, which has happened to me before.)

The new anthem -- sing it loud.

But at the same time, I'm generally not an awful person about what people wear. I don't particularly like to slam people's attire (though I would be lying if I said that I don't cave in when my friends start doing it), but I will very likely be upset and start ranting if I feel slighted (again, as with girls who walk out in leggings instead of pants... especially if these girls don't wear underwear). But I, contrary to popular belief amongst some people (and even a portion of my friends) don't really care too much.

Case in point:
Someone said to me, "I was going to walk out the door, but then I realized that I'd be seeing you today. And so I changed."
I suppose this is supposed to be flattering (maybe?), but it leaves me somewhat distraught. It's like they're dressing up so that they can escape my judgment. And really, who am I to be judging?
I mean, I'm the one who can invariably be found in my ugly work uniform during the weekends. (Let's be real: I no longer dress in real-people clothing on the weekends anymore because of this job.) And when I go to the gym (clearly not during the school year, though), I am the most unattractive creature ever. Really, now. After these instances (which most my friends have witnessed), you'd think that they would realize that I'm not going to judge them -- even if only because I know how hardcore they could judge me back.
But most importantly, I'd like to think that I hang out with my friends not because of their style but because of their personality, their intellect, their kindness (amongst various other valuable traits). I've seen most of them in their worst, and they've mostly seen me in my worst. (This is mainly, of course, during finals week or when I'm working out. When I study, I am not all cute and furrowed-brow; I have not healthy sheen when I exercise. No, I look certified-deranged when I hit the books; when I hit the gym, my face gets all blotchy and red in the way that only babies should be blotchy and red.)
Honestly, I'd prefer that they dress up for themselves. None of my friendships have yet been broken due to fashion statements.

Long story short, I'm a nice person. I really don't care too much if you don't think you're dressed in your finest. I think personality is important -- and what'd be the point in having nice clothes if you don't feel comfortable in them? (Remember that the clothes shouldn't wear you -- you should wear the clothes.) Clothes should be a reflection of who you are; once you cave in blindly, you'll lose yourself.
So please come as you are, and never be shy! (But let's just leave the velour tracksuit at home just in case.)

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