Saturday, May 19

THE LOOK: Lavender and Sage

This is actually a rather unusual color combination for me. It's a little bolder than I'm used to wearing. But it was so hot, and I wanted to wear a nice and breathable shirt, which is why I picked my J Crew Light Weight Shirt. I was trying to figure out which pair of shorts would match -- black seemed uninspired and beige seemed too plain for the look I wanted for the day.

I narrowed it down to either navy or olive green, and the olive green seemed somewhat bold and exciting -- probably because I never think to mix the two together.
But the outfit didn't seem quite complete, so I added an orange belt to be a sort of shock of color in the middle.
It's sad that the sunlight bleached the color of the shirt in the photos, but the color of the shirt really is very nice -- I promise.
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Anyways, cheers to sunshine and a warm summer.

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