Thursday, February 16

SPOTTED (little details)

Hillman Library

I saw this bag and really liked the print on it. It's certainly very unique, isn't it? So when I asked to take a picture, the owner of the backpack told me about the idea behind it -- and it was a very sweet one, indeed!

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It started with the seeds of an idea by founder Aditya Viswanathan. On a trip back to India, he passed by a school where many children were standing outside, peering into the classroom. When he stopped to find out what was happening, he learned that many of the local students were unable to complete their education due to the cost of school materials. In the face of these circumstances, some local teachers had been funding the education of some children for some years, some of whom had gone on to study in universities and had started professional careers.
From then, Jatalo was founded as a way to both spread awareness and help fund the education of children. If you go on the Jatalo mission page, you can get an idea of the company's plans: with every bag you buy, a student will receive a year's worth of textbooks while every purchased bracelet will grant a textbook to a student.

One of the coolest parts about this whole project is that they keep true to the idea of going to the roots: the prints are themed on characteristic prints from various places.

Here are some of the backpacks from their collection.
Bag 1: Ikat Classic, based on patterns of South Asia
Bag 2: Serape Classic, based on Mexican blanket weaving
Bag 3: Bogo Classic, based on African Bogolanfini cloth style
Bag 4: Solid Classic (their only patternless bag for those who like things simple)

Now, I don't quite remember her connections to Jatalo (I can only recall that she has a friend involved in the project), but I'm really glad I asked to take a picture. You'd be surprised by people -- by how they are willing to talk to you if you just ask a question nicely. (On a random note, I've found that this also applies to tattoos.)

Did I tell you that I love red TOMS shoes (though I fight a battle of ambivalence with the shoe design)?

Anyways, I think it's wonderful that people can use fashion to reach out to others. (Secretly, I'm a sucker for kind gestures, too.) So go check them out, and get a bag if you're interested!
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