Sunday, February 19

THE LOOK: Mustard and Paisley

I used to hate prints when I was younger, and paisley was one of the types I hated the most. They just seemed so... garish and furniture-like. I couldn't understand why people wanted to look like walking sofas, so I snubbed them. I have, however, become rather fond of patterns of all sorts as time has passed, which you can probably tell.

Anyways, I'm keeping this post pretty short since I have lotsa-lotsa work. But I have a few more pictures after the jump, so click for more!

Fact: I definitely make the most attractive faces when I am mobile. Yep...
I mean, I just love having my jaw slack like I'm some sort of idiot. Its so appealing, you know?
Ha. Ha. Sigh.
Why can't my face just not do normal things when I'm trying to take a picture? Am I cursed or something?

Anyways, feel free to Hype it on LookBook!

No, seriously. This whole weird-face thing is a problem.

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