Wednesday, February 29

THE LOOK: Sunshine and Stoles

Here's THE LOOK!
This (faux fur) stole was on sale at the Gap, and I was like, "Me wants." So me getted. And there was much rejoicing, yay!
The only sad part about it is that it's supposed to be tied together, but that's not quite how I want to wear it. I'm considering doing a Velcro project with removable backings so that I can have the stole attached either by clips or other ingenious things. I haven't figured it all out yet, but I'm waiting for a revelation to hit me. Soon, hopefully.

Hype the look here, and click below to read more.

Anyways, the weather has surprised me recently because it took a jump from the high-30's/low-40's range and is giving us temperature in the 50's. (It supposedly even hit the 60's on Monday!)
I'm just as happy as everyone else is, considering how I'm definitely tired of this whole winter-weather situation. Still, this can't be a good sign since, as I mentioned in a previous post, this means that we're all going to shrivel up from heat, dehydration, and radiation in five years. (And what I mean by this is that I will die first. Mainly because I am a big baby who can't take extreme temperatures. And so I'm going to be the first to go when the summers get ever hotter and more humid. Fun.)

But in the meantime, may I mention that I balk whenever I see people in shorts? Granted, it's warmer than it's been in ages, so I know that they're all excited. But I still think it's crazy how people can survive in sub-70 degree weather like that. And how they neither seem to mind the temperature nor get sick.
Really, now. How can people be so impervious to the cold? How do they not get miserable?
Because let me be honest -- once I'm cold, I become cynical and mean. I just want everyone else to share in my misery. My thinking is that if I can't be warm and happy, then nobody else should be. Again, full disclosure: I am a baby. And that means that I will complain when I'm too cold or too hot, and I'll get selfish and contrary when that happens. It's one of my character flaws.

Anyways, I'm excited for spring -- flowers, warm weather, picnics, etc. We just need to survive another month or so.
We can make it, right?

Until then, I shall be running from the cold.

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