Monday, February 13

THE LOOK: Before the Frost

It's been snowing hardcore in Pittsburgh, but I'm lucky that I got around to taking these pictures a bit before it started getting nasty-cold. Don't be misled -- I was still freezing as these photos happened, but it beats having been caught in a frosty storm.

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I really love suspenders, and I really like the striped detailing of these. They're a little muted, but I like that about them. Also, I've been meaning to wear my new Converses, but I've been having a few uncertainties because they don't have laces and because I don't quite know if I'm really a Converse kind of guy... Or at least I don't usually have many outfits for them.
I'm working on it, though! I just need to incorporate them more often.
But I just bought some bright laces and am working on building up my collection.
Soon, soon, soon! I have exciting hopes!

Anyways, it's supposed to start getting warmer again, which is simultaneously sad and wonderful -- the former because I'm cold and the latter because it means that global warming isn't going to kill us within the next three years! (It'll actually be in five years, haha.)
Stay warm 'til then!

The look is now on LookBook, too. Hype it here if you want!

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