Saturday, February 25

THE LOOK: Boots for a Storm

The weather has finally decided to go all mutinous on us, and Pittsburgh's been assaulted with rain, snow, and winds. (Okay. So maybe assaulted isn't quite the right word since it's all been very on-and-off. But when it gets windy, it gets windy. And the same usually holds true for the rain and snow.)
Anyways, I can't really complain too much since the wind allowed me to take some cool pictures. (The whole process was a little frustrating, though: almost every time I was about to take a picture, the wind suddenly died down. Sad. Thankfully, I got a few neat photos out of the many that I took.)

Also, photo-editing is pretty awesome. (Hint-hint. Keep reading.)
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I shut myself in right after the photographing since I'm a wimp who hates the cold and precipitation. I swear, it's like I'm afraid of water or something. But this allowed me time to play with photo editing for the first time:
Pittsburgh is rainy. (Boo hiss.)
But photo-editing is pretty cool.

I'm no expert with photo-editing. In fact, I would say that I'm, at most, a beginner. But I'm looking to change that. I just need to learn...

Anyways, THE LOOK.

I've found that some of the greatest investments I've made in/for Pittsburgh so far have been my weatherwear. And that means stuff like a trench coat, an umbrella (which is not in this picture), and boots.

I think trenches are great. They've got a certain air about them, and I really appreciate what they can do. (The word I want is actually "classy": Trench coats are classy.)
And I love my boots. They're a dutiful pair of footwear -- sturdy and, most importantly for boots, waterproof. It's funny, though... Depending on how I feel on any given day, my thoughts on my boots range from pretty friggin' awesome to meh, I guess (though my impressions generally tend towards the positive range). But ignoring my occasional misgivings, they're pretty much the most wonderful things ever, especially for Pittsburgh. (The word I want is actually "diesel": My boots are diesel.)

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