Saturday, March 31

Talk Nerdy to Me

I have a confession to make.

Maybe you haven't realized this about me. Maybe I'm good at hiding this.
But I'm going to admit it. I am going to get this thing off my chest.

I'm not a human -- I'm actually a figurine. That is my secret. (I'm kidding, obviously.) 

I am a nerd. Or a geek. Or whatever you would like to call it. (Christina H from, for instance, would call me "someone with bad taste," which would have offended me were it not for the fact that a CRACKED writer said it.)

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Yesterday, I presented at Pitt's fifth annual Undergraduate Literature Conference.
Now, one question remains glaringly obvious: WHY would I do this to myself?
Unfortunately, I don't know if I have an answer for you quite yet because I, myself, do not know what caused me to think that this was an okay decision. I suspect that it has something to do with my insanity (which some professors have labeled "an intense motivation to overachieve"), but it remains a topic of much speculation on my part.

Proof! See, see? I'm not making this up! They even gave me a gift certificate. How sweet...

This conference, in addition to the two massive papers that I had due at the end of this month, are the reasons for my transformation into a hermit during March. I, however, will hopefully be reclaiming a little bit of my humanity soon. And by this, I mean that I may finally be able to hang out with friends. And for you, that means that I may have time to do some posts about street style. Finally.

But I'm straying off of the topic that I wanted to discuss. So I presented at the Undergraduate Literature Conference, and my presentation was called "Claiming Equality with Death Gods: Dissemination of Power and Popular Culture in Death Note" in the panel regarding constructions of power. For just a second, let's consider my paper and its implications.
  1. I read Death Note.
    Implication: I read manga.
    Implication: Japanese culture fascinates me.
    BUT LET ME CLARIFY: I'm not interested in any of that weird stuff that many people associate with Japanese enthusiasts.
  2. I enjoy literary criticisms.
    Implication: I enjoy the considerations of political theory, semiotics, gender theory, cultural studies, etc.
    Implication: I love reading the works of intellectuals like Foucault, Nietzsche Freud, Marx, Butler, Lacan, Derrida, Gramsci, etc.
    BUT LET ME CLARIFY: This does not make me a pompous jerk that introduces critical theorists into regular conversations. (There's a time and place for everything.)
  3. I spent my Friday at a literature conference.
    Implication: I love academic activities (despite them constantly stressing me out).
    Implication: I love school.
    BUT LET ME CLARIFY: I love learning, and as a student, schoolwork is my priority. Nevertheless, I am still a human who loves spending time with his friends whenever possible.
And so here is my point: I've realized that by most standards, I'm super nerdy/geeky/whatever.
And, by extension of this, I am hoping that this means exactly what nerd has come to mean in the contemporary context: I am (somewhat) well-rounded and have personal interests. In short, I am (hopefully) a fascinating human who does more than just blog about clothing -- I am someone who, in addition to fashion blogging, loves to read, write, draw, exercise, cook, dream, think, etc.

And what's the point in me telling you this? Well, I'm considering a project which will hopefully present these different facets of me. I admit that I'm very ambitious and tend to get busy or sidetracked. (Case in point: the faux fur that I still have yet to make into clothing. But in my flimsy defense, I haven't had time to sit down at my sewing machine. In contrast, the current project that I'm considering is something that I have been planning during my transit to classes and whenever I need a study break.)

Now, what is this project? Well, you know how secretive I am -- you know that I'm not going to tell you in case it doesn't work out! But you'll hopefully find out soon.
I won't jinx myself by saying that I'll have a ton of free time in April, but I just survived a wave of academic death, which means that I should have a little time before the waters get tumultuous again.
In this time, I hope to get in some serious groundwork for this project. Though I'm a jerk who withholds his plans, I promise to keep you updated. So stick around to see my exciting plans in action!

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