Friday, March 16

THE LOOK: Stare into the Sun

The temperature has risen in Pittsburgh, much to my happiness. I'm somewhat surprised since it's still March, and Pittsburgh has yet to subject us to a crazy snow-related spectacle this year. But at this rate, it seems like a freak snowstorm won't happen. I can't complain too, though.

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Since the weather's been sunny and spring-like, I decided to go with something light for THE LOOK -- mainly soft neutrals and pastels. And if you pay attention, you'll notice that I used an old tie as a belt.
Normally, I won't do this with my ties since I love them all very much. But this tie is one that I've had for a long time, and it's in the state where it's just yucky enough that I don't want to wear it as a tie but isn't too noticeably worn for me to throw out.
So I thought, It'd be a shame to just toss it. Let's use it as a belt!
It's fun and just subtly adventurous for those who want to start playing around with clothes but don't want to be too crazy.

I tend not to tuck my shirts in all the way -- I just partially do it in the front. I like the relaxed look it makes.

Anyways, give it a try! It's fun and can be the pop of color that you need -- especially now that it's spring and all that!

Life's too short to be boring!
Go, and have some fun!

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